"Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursdays" returns tonight and in the words of co-anchors Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, all we can say is 'Really?!?!' Last year's brief inaugural run of the show at least made some sense as the country was in the midst of an election, and with controversial candidates like Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, there was a goldmine of controversy for the writers to feed off (not to mention any reason to bring Tina Fey around is a good reason).

Now, however, there will only be one night in between "WUT" and "SNL" and how much could possibly happen during that time? Sure, Amy Poehler will thankfully return to her anchor chair (for the first two episodes ) after leaving "SNL" halfway through last season for "Parks and Recreation," but this still feels solely like an attempt to boost ratings for "Parks" and newcomer "Community." If NBC truly wanted to expand "Weekend Update" it would be better suited as a nightly mock news show in the vein of "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report" (which both obviously owe a huge debt to "Weekend Update.") We'd much rather watch that than Jay Leno every night. But mostly I'm just bitter that the show is taking up "30 Rock's" timeslot. Who else needs their Liz Lemon Now!?!

Story by Michael Mellini

Starpulse contributing writer