Rumors have been swirling that Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth got engaged last month because the former "Hannah Montana" star is pregnant.

But Miley's mom Tish has slammed the story.

Tish wrote on Twitter, " "So sad that the nasty tabloids have to make up stories to sell their trashy mags. Cant (sic) they just leave these 2 alone and let them be happy?... makes me so sad. This should be the happiest time of there (sic) lives and it makes me sick they USE her to sell mags... Thanks to all the Miley supporters who LOVE her..."

The rumors don't stop there. Yesterday the singer/actress was spotted at a Miami hotel swimming with her longtime friend and assistant Cheyne Thomas. Immediately people specualated the 19-year-old was having second thoughts about getting married.

Miley responded by tweeting, "[s]o now because I am engaged I can't have a friend of the opposite sex? can't have a friend help me out while I'm working alllll day?"

Miley plays a private eye who goes undercover at a college sorority in the upcoming film "So Undercover." The film hits theaters July 12.