Ireland Baldwin has apologized after she infuriated some fans by donning Native American dress while preparing for Halloween.

Kim Basinger's daughter took to Twitter to show fans possible costumes for the annual pagan celebration on Thursday, with one option being the Indian Chief from Disney's Peter Pan.

After uploading a photo of her wearing a feathered headdress and sporting colored stripes on her cheeks, Baldwin faced a backlash from some followers, who accused her of racism. She went on to apologize for causing any offense, but angrily lashed out at critics who got personal.

The 18-year-old model writes, "Ok everyone. I apologize if my Halloween costume offended you and your culture PERSONALLY. However, I don't apologize to a majority... Of you who thought it was necessary to return the favor with a lot of hateful mentions. A Native American costume was AN OPTION at a Halloween store. I respect all cultures and I would never mock one.

"I am Cherokee Indian and I am also well aware of what many tribes encountered in the past. And for some of you pathetic morons to bring my family and other matters into the discussion, you are all sad excuses for human beings. People make mistakes, everyone. I made a mistake and I apologize if it offended."

The blonde beauty's actress mother reportedly has Cherokee Native American ancestry.