One of the most easily identifiable games on the iOS platform is Angry Birds. This is due to the fact that Birds managed to appeal to all generations of gamers with it’s simple but addictive gameplay and it’s easily identifiable characters and world.

2K Play’s latest game Herd, Herd, Herd attempts to capture the same market as Angry Birds and largely succeeds at doing so; it’s addictive, runs great, and has very appealing art direction, but is only let down by the controls.

Herd challenges the player to learn a new technique or way of controlling the game with almost every level, and yet these things are only used once or twice. This might lead some to believe that there is little sense of progression in the game, but at least there’s constant variety in how the levels play out, which helps to prevent the game from getting stale.

Collecting all the stars in a level can be a genuine challenge in some levels, and yet can also be frustrating due to the controls. In order to move the animal that must be herded in each level, the player has to drag their finger behind it. When the controls are working perfectly, the game is nothing short of a joy to play. However, when they chose to be unresponsive, it can lead to phone throwing levels of frustration. Luckily, the player can buy certain packs to help them skip over mission sets. The controls work more than they don’t, and they only somewhat mar and otherwise excellent experience.

So, Herd might not control as smoothly as some other iOS games, but that’s not enough of a detriment to the game to make it not worth picking up. It’s a great pick up and play type game, and features a huge amount of content for it’s asking price of less than a dollar. 

Score: 8.0 / 10

Final Verdict: Worth picking up if you don’t mind some control issues. If you have kids, they will probably love it.

Also, to promote the game, the developers worked with NYC's famous Naked Cowboy. Check out the video below if you want, it's fairly amusing.