When one thinks of famed Director Tom Six, one word comes to mind: elusive. 

As the brilliant and twisted creative force behind the whole human centipede phenomenon, Six has tended to mostly let his controversial work speak for itself.  But now with the second installment "The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)" hitting both DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 14 from IFC Midnight and MPI Media Group, the man behind the single digestive system appears to be coming out of his shell. 

Not only does the new home release feature both a revealing interview and full-length commentary with Six, but from the many folks to chat with Six has graciously chosen Starpulse to finally give some answers to questions fans have been dying to know. (And yes, we feel twelve-person centipede special!)  So in the first of our "Human Centipede 2" Blu-ray release coverage this week, we’re going one-on-one with the creator of one of the most talked about horror ideas to come out of the last decade. 

And the humble Six pulls no punches as he talks about everything from cutting his work to please the powers that be to what inspired and seemingly insane actor Dieter ‘Dr. Heiter’ Laser was really like on-set.  Both 100% Medically Accurate and Inaccurate, here’s master showman...   




There’s been a ton of speculation and different stories from you about the true inspiration behind "The Human Centipede" – can you tell us once and for all the real story of how the idea behind the film came to be?

Tom Six: The absolute true story is there was a child molester on television and I actually made a joke that they should stitch his mouth to the anus of a fat truck driver – that would be a very good punishment I think.  And at the same time because people reacted like ‘my God, that’s such a nightmare’, so I thought that might be a great idea for a horror film.  That’s how it got started. 

Talking "The Human Centipede 2," what was it about the marvelously morose Laurence R. Harvey that ultimately made you want to cast him in the title role?

TS: He’s amazing, huh?



TS: We did the auditions in London and I saw about seven guys.  I was looking for the total opposite of Dieter Laser who’s tall, handsome and thin - I wanted a short fat guy.  Then Laurence entered the casting room and I thought my God, look at this man, he’s amazing.  We put a camera on his face and his eyes are radiant.  And then I asked him how far would he go and I asked him to rape the human centipede.  He grabbed a chair and he made wild love to it and I thought this is my man!

Now the whole spectacle over the UK banning and then having to cut items out – plus the print screened for midnight shows in LA had your rape scene omitted – what’s your reaction to all of it?

TS: Well, I’m totally against cutting because for me it’s like if I had made a comedy they’d taken out all the good jokes.  It feels like that for me, so it’s terrible as a filmmaker.  But yet there are policies in cinemas and stuff and I can't do anything about that.  So I’m very happy the DVD comes out in the US and it’s uncut.

For me as a Tom Six fan you’re insight into the films has been a little elusive, but with the candid commentary and interviews on the new "Human Centipede 2" Blu-ray you have really revealed quite a lot – is this a new and more open Tom Six filmmaker?

TS: Yeah – it’s a little bit of both.  Sometimes I can tell more or say more and sometimes it’s better for the story to hold a little bit back I think.



There’s a section on the Blu-ray that’s on my Hidden Gem section called 'Making the Poster' which shows the mayhem behind creating the promo materials – out of all the posters for "Human Centipede 2" which is your favorite?

TS: We started with the black one with the huge centipede that became the poster – officially it was so beautiful.  But then they also came up with Laurence’s face with a little Dieter Laser in his glasses and I love that one.  It’s very powerful as well.  But those poster dudes they are brilliant I think.

Let’s talk Dieter Laser as Dr. Heiter who I’m obsessed with – how did you come to cast him and what was it really like working on-set with him during the first film?  I’m totally fascinated by him!

TS: I can imagine – I absolutely love that guy!  I was looking around for very good and creepy German actors and I wasn’t successful.  Then one afternoon I was watching a DVD where Dieter was in the film in a small part.  It was called "Fuhrer Ex" and he plays a prisoner in that movie and I thought what a face that man has and his voice is incredible. 

We contacted him and we flew to Berlin and had a meeting with him at the Hilton Hotel in Berlin.  I went through the whole script with him and we had a match made in hell I think because we absolutely connected so very well.  He adored the script and then on the set Dieter completely transforms into character.  So he is Dr. Heiter on the set.  He wanted to be alone in his room, he communicate with the other actors at all and even I sometimes had a little trouble communicating with him because he was constantly Dr. Heiter on the set!  (Laughs)   

"Human Centipede 3" – will it truly be the final sequence?

TS: Yeah, definitely.  But it was always my intention to make three centipedes because three films in the end can be connected.  They really cross over, so you have one four and a half hour film, which would be great for showings in America – a four and a half hour film!  But it is called the Final Sequence and no more centipedes after that for me; I’m really done with that then. 

And then what non-centipede related stuff is down the road for you?

TS: I’m gonna make a psychological horror film that will really outdo "The Human Centipede" stuff.  It’s called "The Onania Club," we’re gonna shoot it in LA and it’s gonna be a really troubling film, but very cool.

Though with the creative freedom you’ve had overseas making films though is it gonna be tough to make a film here in America?

TS: Well, I shot Human Centipede 1 in Holland, Germany and 2 in London and 3 I’m gonna shoot in America in the Southern states because I really want to make an American style film officially with my crazy European thoughts over it – like the sauce!  (Laughs)  I just take all the freedom I can get, so I’m never involved with America, it’s just me shooting on American soil, with American actors and American crew, but it’s totally my production.  It’s gonna be my favorite – it’s gonna be 100% Politically Incorrect!  A big finale! 



Stay tuned for more "Human Centipede 2" coverage this week!