She can sing, she can dance and she can definitely act. Kelli Berglund stars in Disney XD’s hit series “Lab Rats” as Bree, one out of three bionic siblings. She stars alongside Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, who play Chase and Adam respectively, as her super powered siblings. The series follows their lives as their creator’s stepson Leo (Tyrel Jackson) discovers them in an underground lab, and introduces them to the real world.

Starpulse had the opportunity to learn more about “Lab Rats”, her cast-mates and Kelli herself in an interview with Kelli.

Starpulse: What were your thoughts when you found out that you were cast as Bree?

Kelli: I was ecstatic! I really loved the character and worked really hard throughout the auditioning process. I felt so blessed to have been given this opportunity.

S: What is your favorite memory with the cast of 'Lab Rats'?

K: We have so many fun memories! One of my favorites, though, would have to be when we all watched the premiere of the show together in a huge screening room at Paramount Studios. It was amazing watching all of our hard work finally pay off, and seeing it together made it that much more exciting.

S: What is the cast of 'Lab Rats' like?

K: The cast is literally my second family. All of us have become so close and we all get a long so well. I always know that whenever I'm on set, they're going to put a smile on my face.

S: What is a typical day for you like?

K: A typical day for me is usually being on set, doing schoolwork, and sleeping! I have to wake up super early to drive to the set, and once I arrive, I have to do several hours of school. After that, I'll have rehearsal or I'll begin shooting depending on whether it's a filming day. After having fun on set all day, I'll completely crash on the drive home!

S: What are some Disney channel shows that you watched when you were younger?

K: A big favorite of mine was "That's So Raven." I also really loved "Lizzie McGuire" and "The Proud Family."

S: Is there any Disney star that you look up to?

K: I really admire Debby Ryan. I began watching her on "The Suite Life on Deck," and since then, I've actually become friends with her. She's such a sweet person and has an amazing head on her shoulders. She gives off such a happy glow that everyone loves to be around her!

S: What are your plans for the near future?

K: I hope to continue filming "Lab Rats" for several more seasons, and from there, continue what I love doing... acting!

S: Tell us a fun fact about you.

K: Most people don't know that I'll eat anything spicy. A little extra kick is always a good thing!

S: Who is your celebrity crush?

K: Liam Hemsworth! He is so adorable.

S: If you could be a cartoon character, which would it be?

K: I've always wanted to be Blossom from "The Powerpuff Girls." Being a super hero, saving the world... I guess I'm living the dream, but as Bree!