There are just some actors that you can bring into any situation, any script, good or bad and they’ll knock it out of the park for you – Rob Corddry is one such talent.  An actor, comedian and character journeyman, Corddry has made a career out of playing little characters with big memorable qualities.  From his unforgettable work on "The Daily Show" to fabulous turns in films like "Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay," "Hot Tub Time Machine" and most recently "Warm Bodies," there’s no cinematic situation Corddry can’t bring comedic life to.  His latest is the very dark and funny film called "Rapture-Palooza," (opening June 7 from Lionsgate) a comedy about two teens who must fight their way through a religious apocalypse on a mission to defeat the Antichrist.  (Doesn’t sound funny – Craig Robinson is the Antichrist folks!)  Corddry is playing the father of one of the teens and let’s just say his parenting skills leave a lot to be desired.  (Aka get ready to laugh hard!)  We got a chance to chat one-on-one with funnyman Corddry all about "Rapture-Palooza," his spineless parental figure character, plus we touch on his more somber and moving work in last year’s underrated "Butter."  Funny is about to touch down – here’s the quick witted...  



"Rapture-Palooza" as a concept is way out there even for a comedy – what was your reaction of the title and first reading the script?

Rob Corddry: My reaction to the title was that’s a working title – they’ll definitely change that!  (Laughs)  But reading the script, the script definitely lives up to the title.

How would you describe the film to others?

RC:’s got a lot of F-bombs?  You see my dick?  No you don’t, you don’t.


Mr. House isn’t exactly a model father yet his inane shovel hitting antics seems to come from a place of parental love – how would you rate him as a father? 

RC: Are you kidding?  He’s a complete zero as a human being, let alone a father!  But he was probably a horrible father even before all this Antichrist business.

Was the moustache your idea?

RC: I asked for it and if I remember correctly I brought it up and they were like that’s what we were thinking.  Just like in "Pain & Gain" I asked for these really ugly glasses so I could look like my dad.       

You’ve worked with Craig Robinson previously – what was your reaction when you found out he was going to be playing The Beast (aka The Antichrist) as well as producing this one? 

RC: My kneejerk reaction was thank you for giving me a job!  And my main reaction was ‘yay’ I get to work with Craig again in Vancouver and spend time with him.  He’s a lovely guy and really fun.  I’d play anything that guy tells me to do.

Having recently been in "Warm Bodies" who would win in a fight – wraiths or bonies?

RC: Oh wow, come on man!  I mean the bonies for sure!  The wraiths would be like, ‘Come on babe – can’t we just talk?’  And the bonies would say…well they wouldn’t say anything because I don’t think they have throats anymore.  But it would be confusing and they would kill them.

With zombie lore now legendary, how did you go about creating to become one of the undead yourself?

RC: What’s weird is I usually go overboard with prepping a bio for every character I play and it helps me.  But this time there’s nothing.  So I completely took a physical route and talked to my wife a lot about it even before the audition.  My wife is a speech pathologist and she works with brain-injured patients.  So I thought of it much like a really tragic brain injury in which someone cannot get things from their head to their mouth.  Also what it would do to their body.      

You did some funny yet touching work in the highly underrated "Butter" – what was it like playing a more dramatic and sincere character?

RC: It was fun – I liked it.  I don’t choose roles based on what maybe I should.  In that movie I got the opportunity to play something different and really enjoy it.  Jason Micallef wrote an amazing script.  It usually tough for me to find or discover why I like the character I’m playing.      

What’s next for you?

RC: To tell you the truth I’ve had a lot of movies come out lately and I’ve played very different characters in all of them and I had a journalist recently tell me that that the work was unfocused in that regard - and I love that.  But I will probably do what I enjoy most more which is balls out comedy with a little bit of heart in spite of itself - like "Hot Tub Time Machine!"