Actress Cindy Lee Garcia's request for an injunction on controversial new movie Innocence Of Muslims, in which she appears, has been denied by a Los Angeles judge.

Garcia filed suit against the producer of the anti-Islam film and bosses after a 14-minute clip posted on the video-sharing website sparked a series of violent protests in the Middle East.

The actress claimed she had been duped into appearing in the film and YouTube officials had ignored her pleas to take the video down - even though she insisted her likeness had been violated.

But her bid to force website bosses to wipe the footage was unsuccessful on Thursday when Superior Court Judge Luis Lanvin insisted the plaintiff had not demonstrated "a likelihood to prevail on the merits" of her request.

An attorney for Garcia, who claims to have received death threats after appearing in the film, is planning to fight the ruling and seek a permanent injunction.

See a clip from the controversial film below: