Avril Lavigne has referred to her many tiny inkings as "super dainty" in the past; however 'dainty' isn't exactly one of the words we'd associate with the 'rebellious' and 'punk' attitudes she tries to exhibit in her music and her personality. Does this make her a poseur? Or maybe just a dainty poseur? Perhaps she can't stand the pain for more than a few minutes and goes for quick, minimal sessions.

According to stealherstyle.net, Avril has a lot of 'shared tattoos,' where friends (including ex-husband Deryck Whibley) have one that matches. Hers include a music note and the letter "D" inside a heart (for Whibley) on her right wrist; a star, the number 30 and a lightning bolt on the side of her left wrist; and a small star and the Roman numeral "XXV" on the crook of her right elbow.

Her left crook sports the words "Abbey Dawn," which is the name of her clothing company (and one of her dad's nicknames for her), and another design below it. She's also got ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner's name on her right side ribcage and the 'F' word in all-caps on her left ribcage.

Avril's also obsessed with stars. In addition to the two we already mentioned, she's got two on one of her hips, a blue one on the outside of her left calf and one on the back of her shoulder. She's also got a safety pin on the side of her neck, cleverly inked to make it look like it's going through her skin (real punk rockers in the 80s would just stick real safety pins through their earlobes).

In recent years she's added another tiny star on the outside of one arm, and a black rose on her abdomen. The latter is a little bigger than her usual 'dainty' ones.

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