Rihanna seems to make it a point to show off on twitter every time she gets new ink. Her latest tat is of the Egyptian goddess Isis spreading her wings across her stomach, just below her breasts.

She's also god lots of phrases permanently etched on her skin, like "Rebelle Fleur" on the side of her neck and "Never a failure, always a lesson" tattooed backwards on her right shoulder so she can see the message every time she looks in the mirror. She also has the word "Shhh..." on her right index finger.

Ri-ri also has a trail of stars down the back of her neck and onto her shoulder; a skull and crossbones with a red bow on top on the back of her left ankle; and a henna-style dragon claw on her right wrist and hand.

Second Amendment fans will approve of the gun under her right armpit. She's also got a Sanskrit prayer on her right hip, a star on the inside of her left ear and the word "Love" on the inside of her left middle finger (giving her bird a whole new meaning). Sticking with foreign words, she's got "Freedom in God" tattooed in Arabic under her left breast (umm, wouldn't that be 'Allah,' Ri?).

She also has her astrological sign, Pisces, behind her right ear; a small crucifix on her collarbone and some music notes on her right foot.

The Roman numerals XI•IV•LXXXVI (4/11/1986) sits atop of her left shoulder. The date is reportedly her best friend's birthday.

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