P!nk is not quite as inked as husband Carey Hart, whose got a fair share of tattoos himself, but she boasts numerous needleworks all over her body and is quickly heading toward Kat Von D amounts of ink infused into her flesh.

Her tats include "what goes around comes around" on her arm, dog tags (in honor of her veteran dad) on her ankle, a read heart with the symbol for 'love' on her stomach, a guardian angel on her left shoulder, and a bar code with the numbers 1 9879-11200-1 3 on the back of her neck (which includes her birth date, lucky number, and the release date of her second album, "Missundaztood").

She's also got the Japanese symbols for mother, happiness, strength and good luck on an ankle, the word "insecurities' inscribed next to a razorblad on her left wrist, and a large dragon on her left thigh.

The bulldog on her forearm is a tribute to her late dog Elvis; which includes the biblical verse Ecclesiastes 3:4, "A time to weep, A time to laugh, A time to mourn and, A time to dance." 'Tru Luv' matches one husband Carey Hart has, and a frog in black ink sits on her left foot. She's also got a red star on her left hand, an inking she shares with songwriter Linda Perry.

Those aren't the only matching tats she has though, she's got half of a heart with the words "Best Friends" on her arm, and pal Laura Jeanne Wilson has the other half.

Sir Corky Moore, the name of her dog, is on her left arm, a Chinese symbol hovers over her right ankle, and two red hearts can be spotted on two of her toes. Below her left ear the singer sports a musical note, a button and the word "help" appear on her right elbow, and she's got red bows on teh back of both legs. She's also reportedly got "Mr. Pink" inked in a spot only Mr. Pink can access.

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