The Rock-Pop singer/songwriter Alison Ray turns triumphant, furious, heartbroken and hopeful on her Chime Entertainment debut record, Downside Up.

The powerful collection of self penned songs demonstrates a wide range of emotions and shows off a very distinctive, strong and revealing radio voice. The disc’s title reflects her determnination to find the good in even the worst of life’s situations.

Working with Writer/Producer and Chime President Marc Tanner, Ray delved deep into her experiences to craft this collection of songs. There is fantasy and passion in the driving lead single, Does the D.J. Know, an edgy story of hope in the anthemic, There’s Always Tomorrow, bittersweet optimism in Wonderful Day and the classic grandeur of Love is the Thing. "When I go into the studio, I create a world where I can explore and try many different approaches to each vocal and capture the mood of each song. It’s almost like acting and becoming a character." Ms. Ray admidts, "I’m a perfectionist, so sometimes it takes a while to get it right. But I’m really satisfied [with] all the performances on this record."

"All the players on my record rocked, but I’m loving my touring band also! And I look forward to being on stage as much as possible in support of my record. That is what I love the most right now, performing for people and having them be affected positively by my music."