Easily one of the most intense and suspenseful games coming out of any studio in the past few years, Sir (or Madam) You Are Being Hunted has a unique art style and feel that is truly all its' own.

The story is this : something bad happens and you wake up on an island, with almost nothing on your person. Nearby is what appears to be a freshly destroyed robot, sparks still fizzling from its' corpse. You find out rather quickly that the land is dotted with these roving, top hat-wearing, pipe-smoking, gun-toting androids and they are hunting you like a game animal. Why? We don't really know.

But there are several things that make you much more dangerous than a deer - primarily opposable thumbs that let you pick up things and use tools. The voice of your disembodied butler relays hints to you, and immediately tells you that you need to find pieces of 'the device' to return yourself back to your time - presumably where there aren't homicidal robots looking for you. Your quest for those parts will take you across 7 randomly generated islands, each with unique challenges and threats.

The robots you encounter range anywhere from your standard issue shotgun toting hunters, to blunderbuss wielding poachers, robot hunting dogs, hover-horse mounted 'riders' and a menacing mechanical giant known only as "The Landowner."

The game does give you weapons and ammunition in small doses, but encourages you to use stealth rather than brute force. When you do use weapons, it's typically with surgical accuracy, as a prolonged gunfight provokes more hunters to flock to the scene of the commotion, which almost ALWAYS results in death.

One or two hunters can be dispatched relatively easily (though even individual hunters can pose a real threat if you're unprepared) but once a hunting party complete with dogs gets on your tail, things get hairy. Sometimes, when faced with the option, creeping by undiscovered is better than leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.

On the road, be aware of traps. The poachers have a nasty habit of leaving them for you, and stepping on one is a really great way to get a nasty cut and bleed out. 

When wounded, it's advisable to bandage yourself up, and drink lots of alcohol to dull the pain. Eating strange mushrooms will indeed send you into a hallucinogenic state, but they will do in a pinch. You'll search houses for salvageable supplies, but most of your food will come from hunting game (when you get a break from actively being hunted yourself.) Cooking them is the tricky part - as lighting a cook fire will usually attract the attention of nearby hunting parties, or worse, the mechanical hot air balloon that alerts your presence to hunters hundreds of yards around.

With its' heavy emphasis on stealth, wonderfully realized Victorian steampunk setting, fantastically British sense of humor and a uniquely stylized graphical style S,YABH is an indie gem well worth checking out. You can get it on Steam for a paltry 20$ or off the Big Robot Games website HERE