The gown was made of denim, the cake was made of Styrofoam, and the bride gushed that romance had blossomed when she paid off a gambling debt to the groom with sexual favors. It's a wedding, Hollywood style, where about the only things Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon have in common are starring roles in blockbuster sex tapes and two failed marriages behind them - each.

If Anderson and Solomon make it work, they'll not only defy expectations, they'll also escape a place in the celebrity marriage hall of shame. These stars are experts at rushing to divorce court as soon as they've rushed to the altar - after all, they've done it more than once.

Drew Barrymore married bartender Jeremy Thomas in 1994, after dating him for just six weeks. The marriage only lasted four. In 2001, she took another chance on love with comedian Tom Green, but five months after the "I do's," they called it quits.
Jennifer Lopez's 1997 marriage to waiter Ojani Noa may look puny at 13 months, but her next - to dancer Cris Judd in 2001 - didn't even make it to eight. A last-minute separation from fiancé Ben Affleck in 2004 might have prevented a third trip to divorce court and paved the way for marriage to Marc Anthony just five months later. Lopez and her Latin superstar hubby are expected to announce a pregnancy any day now. A case of third times the charm, perhaps?
At 25 years old, Britney Spears has sold 83 million records, had (and lost) two children, and been married and divorced twice. Her 2004 first marriage, to childhood friend Jason Alexander, lasted just 55 hours before her legal team swooped in and promptly annulled it. Later that year, Britney and back-up dancer Kevin Federline threw another surprise wedding bash in the backyard of the groom's tailor's house. Despite the groom's heartfelt gesture - he and his buddies wore track suits with the word "PIMPS" emblazoned across the back - the marriage only lasted a little over two years.

Being the daughter of the King didn't make Lisa Marie Presley a happily-ever-after princess on any of her multiple wedding days. Her first marriage, to musician Danny Keough, lasted six years and produced two children. A 1994 union with the King of Pop Michael Jackson lasted less than two years, and her vows with Nicolas Cage - an obsessive Elvis fan who has made three movies about the King - lasted only three months. Presley is now 21 months into her fourth marriage, to musician Michael Lockwood.
Carmen Electra learned one thing from her crazy Las Vegas wedding to basketball star Dennis Rodman: if the groom is allegedly intoxicated, the vows might leave him with a hangover. Four days later, the marriage was annulled. Marriage number two, to rocker Dave Navarro, lasted less than three years and one MTV reality show, aptly named "'Til Death Do Us Part."
Although Pamela Anderson told OK magazine her marriage is "super-genuine," it's also super risky. Third marriages have a 73% chance of divorce, according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri. And a third marriage to another dual-divorcee faces even steeper odds.

Pity. We'd really like a bite of that Styrofoam anniversary cake.

Story by Hailey Murray contributing writer