On this week's episode of Impractical Jokers, the guys tackle one of the world's most hated professions, a lot of drugs are going around, and one of the guys manages to fail out of the entire episode. Why can't Sal get himself together? Who manages to escape the loser board entirely? It's another vastly inappropriate installment of the funniest show on TV.

Challenge #1: Phoning It In
The Jokers have split into teams for this telemarketing presentation, with Murr and Q facing off against Joe and Sal. ("I wish I could hang up on him in real life," Joe says of the ferret.) Of course, the slides each team has to read have been made by their opponents, so Q gets stuck reading the "killer" closing line "I'm calling from inside your house," Murr has to bring up gang warfare and pretend to be a meth addict, and Sal is dumbfounded by how half the slides he's trying to present have an alleged system error. The craziest part is the teams are actually forced into calling people. Murr hangs up on his victim and Sal gets hung up on. Needless to say, no one will be changing jobs here. Team Ferret gets a whopping 5/5 score, while Team Larry only manages a 1/5. Uh-oh.
Losers: Joe and Sal
Winner: Q, for somehow managing to make his half of the presentation look fairly easy while allowing Murr to take all the embarrassment. That's how the game is played, ladies and gentlemen.

Challenge #2: Your Wish Is My Command
Do you want to know what the guys are wishing for? No, you don't. But they're going to tell you anyway. Murr somehow got a gerbil someplace it shouldn't be, while Joe doesn't want the police finding an incriminating piece of evidence against him (and a well-timed alarm in the mall totally sells that). Q wants "a new race car bed, and also cocaine." And adorable Sal fails to sell the "so I can destroy you" part of his given line, because he's too damn nice. In the end, it's the two most easily flustered Jokers who take the fall on this one.
Losers: Murr and Sal

Challenge #3: Dream Weavers
The Jokers really are a menace to the boardwalk. After wild tarot card readings and overenthusiastic sunscreen applications, Q and Sal are pitted against each other in a Joker vs. Joker challenge to fake-analyze random people's dreams and see if they can get a tip. Mathematically, Sal is in trouble no matter what happens: even if he wins and Q loses, that still leaves them tied on the loser board, meaning that he's going to get punished anyway. He goes down in flames, before Q gets downright X-rated with his props. But despite that show, Q scores a tip and a win over a guy who couldn't buy one this week.
Loser: Sal

Big Loser: Sal
The Punishment: He's forced into playing tour guide on a boat, which is made even worse by the fact that he's got to read the lines given to him by the other three guys. These include calling the passengers something we can't print and admitting to a hair transplant. But the real torture is yet to come: germaphobe Sal has to get into the Hudson River, after announcing to the crowd how polluted it is. The result is a paranoid Joker in a small kayak with no sense of direction. "This is kind of like how your ancestors got to America anyway," Q quips while Sal screams. He eventually overturns the kayak, ensuring that he'll be taking about a dozen showers whenever he gets back to land.

A new Impractical Jokers airs next Thursday at 9:30 PM ET/PT on TruTV; we can also now announce that the Jokers' second series, Jokers Wild, will premiere on September 25. See you next week for more laughs!