The second season of Impractical Jokers is starting up again after a brief hiatus, and Thursday's episode was a whopper, featuring a guest appearance by rockers Imagine Dragons. If you missed any of the laughs, we've got the best moments captured for you with our Impractical Jokers Scorecard.

Challenge #1: What Goes Up...
Faced with completing an unknown task before reaching the top of a mall escalator, our guys are racing the clock as well as embarrassing themselves. Sal gets a random guy to hug him for the entire ride; "more hugs, less thugs," he declares. Murr has to call someone's mother, and when he fails at his first attempt, he tries to barricade the escalator until someone does what he wants. Considering that he is not a large man, this is a disaster. However, he avoids a loss by taking Q up on Option B: having someone smell his armpit. A panicky Q just barely gets someone's belt and over-celebrates. Joe's assignment is to do a "mutual face caress" with a stranger, and he winds up walking the wrong way on the escalator, practically yelling at people to cooperate with him. Sadly, the blunt approach doesn't work.
Losers: Joe