What mayhem awaits the denizens of New York this week? Get all the blow-by-blow laughs from The Tenderloins with our Impractical Jokers Scorecard.

Challenge #1: Douple DippersThe goal at the mall food court is to dip your french fries into somebody else's food as many times as you can without them noticing. For this, the guys break into pairs, beginning with Murr and Joe, who trade off providing distractions so that the other Joker can sneak in for the dip. Their best move is when Murr fakes allergies so that Joe can hide under a table. They come away with just two scores. Sal and Q are partnered together, with Sal doing a literal hit and run ("that's the first time I've ever seen you run [and] we've been friends 23 years," Joe comments). That's not even his best trick: he shows an unsuspecting woman the definition of the word "distraction" on his phone while Q pops in. And his third idea is too inappropriate (but hilarious) for print. In the end, Sal and Q win with a final score of four.
Losers: Joe and Murr

Challenge #2: You Got Served
Behind the counter at a Jersey Shore restaurant, the guys are giving each other lines again. Sal finds himself in seriously hot water when he's told to throw a chicken finger behind a passerby, and takes a loss when he refuses to cop to the crime. Joe makes things really uncomfortable as he continually prompts customers to take their shirts off, and then lurks way too long at a table. Q rejects his very first line and goes down quick. But it's Murr, dumping a whole bag of sand down his pants, who wins for the weirdest prompt in this exercise.
Losers: Sal and Q

Challenge #3: Are You Beth?
It's back to the park to find an imaginary person - sadly not Larry, but Beth. This is a Joker vs. Joker matching Joe against Q, with the former using his Larry schtick for early laughs. Another joke about Q being homeless follows, but he wins completely randomly. This breaks the tie and makes Joe tonight's loser.
Loser: Joe

Big Loser: Joe
The Punishment: He has to take his beloved dog Cannoli for a walk...in a variety of outfits. And he can't quit until someone tells him that he's cuter than the dog. The bumblebee uniform doesn't work, so it's on to the cowboy costume, with his posterior on full display. The worst one, though, involves this very manly dude in a wedding dress, complete with bouquet. At least he's not in it very long. Watch the clip below to see a selection from Joe's punishment.

Stay tuned for another new Impractical Jokers next week.

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