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Debbie Matenopoulos Googled 'divorce' and found out her husband wants one. Ouch. - Superficial

Hugh Jackman at the beach, sans shirt. - Superficial

Gemma Arterton is the other new Bond girl. Who just happens to be wearing a bikini here - Egotastic!

Ever see (the classic) "Amazon Women on the Moon"? This is pretty much how one Starpulse writer's day began today:

A huge photo gallery of the most pathetic LARPers on the planet (seriously, this should win 'link of the year') - Holy Taco

Car surfing is a bad idea aka "Moron falls hard car surfing":

Holly Goodhead, Pussy Galore, Honey Ryder & Octopussy are some of our favorite absurdly named Bond girls. Here are 13 ladies who played some of them. - Next

The 12 hottest pairs of twins in history. Actually it's only 11 because the Olsens are on here. - Complex

Check out the official new Star Trek (which is a remake of the old Star Trek, but takes place before Star Trek) trailer:

The hottest women of country music. Yee-haw! - Coed Magazine

The real reason Ronald McDonald is always smiling (PG-13) - Holy Taco

Quote of the day:

14 songs that bars need to ban from their juke boxes - Holy Taco

Need a good laugh? These Shauna Sand pics will do the trick! (Serious competition for the aforementioned 'link of the year' nominee) - dlisted

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