"Young@Heart," a 2008 British documentary about a senior citizens chorus group was well-received by critics, acclaimed for presenting a positive view of aging while engaging in a humorous and inspiring tale of music making.

But do you know what's even better than singing? DANCING!

With the new "Dance Your Ass Off," "Dancing With The Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance," dance as a competition has become very popular for TV. So what does "Gotta Dance" have, if not dance-as-mode-of-weight-loss, C-list celebrities or actual talent? These seniors have heart. The documentary film follows the booty-shaking adventures from audition to rehearsal to performance as the New Jersey Net's first senior dance team.

A recent Huffington Post review says, "[Director Dori] Berinstein captures not just the hard work but the sense of pride they develop, which moves them to work fiercely to earn that second performance and beyond. In that sense, Gotta Dance becomes an underdog tale - and an engaging one, at that - of unlikely heroes fighting the odds and overcoming expectations." Aw, don't you love them already?!

As you watch them pop and lock, you can't help but think, "That's somebody's Grandparent." You'll wish they were yours!

Story by Ariel Vered

Starpulse contributing writer