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The Top 10 Fake Lesbians a.k.a. 'Fauxmosexuals' - Spike

"Weird Science" and a dozen more of the best quest films. Quests to get laid, that is - Screen Junkies

Nelly Furtaco is married and her husband makes Christina Aguilera's husband look gorgeous like Brad Pitt - Top Socialite

Guy Ritchie made a meaty Madonna comment - City Rag

Steven Soderbergh casts real skank to play the lead in his next film, which will go to theaters, DVD and cable on the same day and still nobody will see it - IDLYITW

Next time you go to the car wash you'll probably be a bit skeptical about vacuuming the interior after the wash - Yahoo

New CD/DVD box set of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison concert came out:

Sweater puppies, sweater kittens, whatever you want to call them-- some real, some not, all spectacular - Coed Magazine

Tara Reid is starting to look good in a bikini again. If you don't look at her stomach or ass, that is - Superficial

Check out the Lost Madonna Tapes-- early recordings and more. - The Daily Beast

Quote of the day:

Husband didn't like it too much when his wife changed her Facebook marital status to single. - Daily Mail

10 Gadget Get-Ups for Guys That Don't Mind Looking Like a Tool - Gizmodo

50 coolest underwater pics ever -

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