On the last episode of "I Love Money," 12 Pack learned a very important lesson about reality TV: Trust No One. The fact he got to the final ten with that sort of naivete is shocking, but Toastee wiped the trusting smile right off his face. This week, 12 Pack's remaining allies Heather and the Entertainer are in trouble without his muscly protection. Heather is attempting to make nice with all of the other housemates, even going so far as to suck up to Megan's little puppy, while the Entertainer continues to be his partially crazy self. He focuses on winning the competition, which will be the most disgusting one so far.

It's a spit competition, based on the moment in "Flavor of Love" when Pumkin spit on New York. Pumkin seems pleased to have it based off of her, and her parents must be so proud. There are three parts to the event: how far each contestant can spit, how high they can spit, and then how closely they can aim. They are forced to swig some green liquid so their spit can clearly be seen. Whoever is in the bottom of the distance will immediately be in the bottom three, and that would be Megan. The world rejoices that the nefarious two faced blonde might be kicked, but she's managed to dodge several attacks by now.

The competition winds down to the three boys competing: Real, Whiteboy, and the Entertainer. Everyone is surprised when the unstable Entertainer comes out on top and sticks his green tongue out at everyone. His plan is surprisingly well thought out. He wants to stick Real and Hoopz into the bottom three and then make an alliance with Whiteboy to get into the Stallionaires. He will then save Real and Hoopz, and win their trust and respect. And then maybe their love. This all goes sour when Megan and the secret girl alliance with Brandi, Pumkin and Toastee decide to mess with the plan. They place Heather and Brandi in the bottom three instead, leaving Entertainer faced with his last remaining ally as a possible target. He is not pleased.

Their retreat involves some American barbecue, which makes the Entertainer very happy, and he chooses Heather to speak with privately. She reassures him of their alliance and friendship from the very beginning, but he is not feeling very certain since she betrayed him in the vault. Brandi and Megan offer him a massage at home where they rub him down and whisper vicious remarks about Heather. Megan plots to turn him against his only remaining ally to save herself. How did she become this brilliantly manipulative?

It is elimination time, and the three girls are waiting to hear the verdict. The Entertainer discusses his feelings with Heather about how she pushed him away, and then tried to go behind his back to make friends with the others. She gets into a screaming match with Brandi and Megan, while the rest of the contestants sit back and watch. Eventually things calm down, and the Entertainer makes the obvious choice: Heather is out of the house. She refuses to give him a farewell hug and is glad to get away from the backstabbing. She warns the Entertainer he is the next one to go. This seems likely because he is disliked by everyone remaining, and did not actually make a winning deal with the Stallionaires for their protection. You might just regret losing your only ally, Entertainer! Brandi breezed through the elimination again, and one day she is going to ease her way right into the last of the competitors simply because everyone underestimates her.

Next week the competition gets more intense as the secret girl alliance breaks apart, food is thrown, tears are shed, and one more moneygrabber leaves the show. Chances are it is not Whiteboy, however. Watch VH1 Sunday's at 9 pm for the new episodes of "I Love Money."

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer