Programming alert, Human Target fans: our show is still getting rescheduled. After enduring the schedule changes due to the cancellation of Lone Star, and later the (completely understandable) preemption due to the Presidential speech regarding the tragedy in Arizona, the Mark Valley-led show is being shuffled yet again.

Even as it closes in on the end of season two, FOX is continuing to move the action series around the schedule. An all-new episode will replace House tonight at 8 PM ET/PT.

The series will also air on its usual day, this Wednesday, February 2 - but due to American Idol, has been pushed back to an hour later at 9 PM ET/PT. That same time change applies to the season-two finale, which will air at 9 PM ET/PT next Wednesday, February 9.

Awareness of the scheduling changes is crucial for fans, as the series continues to waver on the bubble - FOX did not order any additional episodes past the original 13, which isn't necessarily an indicator of cancellation but doesn't engender positive thoughts, either. While Human Target is far from DOA, it's clear that it needs the show's fans to show up for this one last push at the end of the season. FOX execs saved the show once before, but we can't depend on them to do so again.

Get out your calendars, Human Target fans, and make sure you don't miss a minute of the season's final three episodes.