Hugh Jackman has laughed off reports he fractured a wrestler's jaw with a punch, insisting the fighter is "prone to exaggeration."

WWE fighter Dolph Ziggler claimed the movie star left him hospitalized with a "hairline mandibular fracture" following a stunt during Monday night's televised Raw SuperShow wrestling clash.

Jackman was guest hosting the event to promote his new robot boxing film Real Steel and he thrilled wrestling fans by jumping into the ring to throw a punch at celebrated fighter Ziggler.

But he can't believe he did any damage.

Jackman tells, "It was scripted that I would go for that punch, but just before we went on, Dolph was yelling at me, 'You hit me man! Just f**king hit me!' During rehearsal I said, 'I'd like to do it, but I've spent 20 years pulling punches, trying not to hit. Trying to make it look real, but not really hit.'

"He said, 'There's no way. There's cameras everywhere, there's crowd everywhere, there's no way we can whiff it, as they call it.'

"So I hit him pretty hard... I kinda really clocked him in the jaw. The next day I read he really broke his jaw and I wasn't surprised, but I don't think he did. He's prone to exaggeration."

Watch Hugh's punch below!