Hollywood is a great place and the parties that I’ve had the chance to attend are sometimes the biggest events on the calendar every year. I’ve done a lot of parties in my years on the entertainment beat.  If it’s movies, television or video games, events they all know how to throw some of the biggest parties.

I will always say that as long as the event has food and liquor, reporters will sign up to cover the party or the event without a problem! To tell you the truth I’ve done the same and sometimes that’s almost the only reason it’s worth attending some events. Especially since,sometimes, the industry has more then one event that day.

The other day, I got an invite to come down to the beauty bar in Hollywood on a Wednesday night for the launch of Maria Kanellis’ private launch event for her new signature perfume. I have no skills or experience dealing with perfumes but the event was four blocks away from where I live so it was not like I had to travel too far. The invitation and the size of the venue meant that the event would be small and private. Sometimes, these are the best events to attend because you get more time with the celebrities who you want to speak with.

I arrived at the given time they told us to check in. Yes, as a member of the media, they give you a time to check in. They also give you a time for the red carpet as well as when all the celebs are supposed to be coming in. It’s like we’re robots and the gatekeepers, also known as the publicists, tell us what to do and when to do it!

When I arrived, I got to speak to Zack, who was the publicist on duty, and he took me straight into the venue. I got introduced to Valery Ortiz who I recognized from the show “South of Nowhere” and as host of “American Latino TV”.  We had a great but short conversation about what she’s doing now including hosting “American Latino TV” and about reality television and hosts that make it so obvious they are reading from a TelePrompter. We talked about her web show called “Diary of a Single Mom” that’s available on the Public Internet Channel. I must say that I love and respect actors who don’t behave like they’re better then everyone else. Valerie Ortiz and several of the other guests at this exclusive party were really down to earth!

I spoke with Krisily Kennedy about being on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad”. She talked about her experience on both shows and what she wants to do in the future. Her goal is to co-host “The Bachelor Pad” but she believes Natalie Getz will get the gig instead. Well, Ms. Kennedy, all I can say is don’t give up and if you think Ms. Getz, will get the gig she will.

I also spoke to the host of the night, Maria Kanellis, and again she was just very down to earth, and normal girl. She even introduced me to her sister who flew down from Chicago just for this event.  Since I’m a guy, I’m wondering if she was trying to tell me something???

Everyone, including Marisa Ramirez from “Spartacus”, and a handful of other celebrities showed up to celebrate with Maria Kanellis. They seemed to enjoy themselves sipping on free drinks and having some conversation with friends.  Some of these friends included Gabrielle Christian, who was on “South of Nowhere” with Valery Ortiz.  I walked over to have a chat because I watched the show back in the days and actually had a crush on her and I was so glad when I meet her that she was just a normal girl All American girl born in Washington DC.  While we had our short chat, I could not keep myself from being a little bit of a curious george and wondered why we don’t see her around on magazine covers, tabloid shows and events? She said that she likes to only go out to events with friends like this event Valerie was there. I understand that going to these events sometimes doesn’t improve your career. It could do more harm then good and she just wants to do her job and stay as normal as possible.

Both Gabrielle and Valery both are married to there long time boyfriends. That just opened up the question of where her husband was. She gave me the nicest smile, that could light up a room, as she said he’s studying and quickly filled in the blanks when she saw my facial expression and said he’s studying to become a nurse. We joked around a little about it. It almost sounded like he had a curfew and had an important exam in the morning, so he couldn’t come out and play. We then talked a little about her guest roles on hit shows like “CSI Miami”, “Numbers” and “Without a Trace”. Now, I wish, we had discussed her role in “GirlTrash: All night long” because just the title of this movie makes me think.  WHAT KIND OF MOVIE IS THIS?

Sometimes parties are much better when people can have a conversation while having a drink. That, compared to all the loud music, and all the bells and whistles that a lot of parties have! I really enjoyed this night.

The thing is, this was the first real party where I have had full access and could really enjoy myself. But, I bet they will not do that mistake again after reading this column to find out how much fun I really had. I did have a  couple of drinks like 9 of something called a Russian Beauty. I would tell you more but I had to many Russian Beauties and don’t remember much. I need to stop drinking or find a way to take better notes. Any suggestions??? I do remember, that it ended on a good note and and I thank Zack and other members of the Lexicon Public Relations team for making it happen!

I got some emails, comments about my last column “Must Not See TV” and thought I would share one from Adam Kratt who resides in Pasadena who made some comments I did not even think about.

Today's so-called stars are barely a shadow of the predecessors that built Hollywood. We have no talent bums like Tom Cruise who couldn't act if his life depended on it. We have loons like Mel Gibson who have to make their own movies o they can get acting parts and of course we have gumby like actors like Keanu Reeves.

Once upon a time an actor had to play a part, today we have actors who latch onto a semblance of their own character and we call them stars. Once actors had honor and credibility now any idiot who gets drunk, steals a bracelet or necklace or has a rich daddy can be a star.

Instead of talent and acting skill we have nepotism abound.. if your mommy or daddy is a producer or actor you can be a star. Hollywood is in a sad state... one day America will wake up and real actors and actresses will come to play again. Jeremy Meyer has hit the point in this column. Finally someone in the media has the balls and guts to say what we the public have been for years.

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