Howard Stern gave a press conference today about joining America’s Got Talent as a judge in New York. Describing some of his favorite Talent acts, he described a group that caught his fancy with a raunchy, injurious slapstick.

“It’s true Vaudeville,” Stern said. “One guy’s act is he gets kicked in the nuts. He comes out with three guys, takes off his pants, you can see he’s not wearing a cup and they start to kick him in the balls. I’m laughing like it’s the Three Stooges or Jackass. I say, ‘I‘m going to put you through but you’ve got to keep stepping it up. Do you have children?’ He had three children again. He said, ‘Howard, you put me through I’ll step it up.’ Maybe they’ll shoot his balls off.”

Well, there was no gunplay but the nut kicking act did step it up in the next round, and even involved host Nick Cannon. “He comes out with a huge entourage, gets on the floor and spreads his legs,” Stern continued. The guy takes a bowling ball and bowls into this guy’s nuts. He’s writhing in pain and I’m laughing. I know you don’t think it’s an act but it’s an act. Then Nick Canon comes out and he says, ‘Nick, kick me in my balls.’ Nick is on stage kicking him in the balls. You don’t get that kind of talent on other shows.”

Stern also liked a marching band who played contemporary music. Being Howard Stern of course there have already been protests to his joining AGT. Stern responded to the Parents Television Council protests as well.

“There’s a couple of absurdities about it. You can’t complain about a show until you see it. Some guy sitting in his basement calling himself Parent Television Council, I don't think there’s more than 25 people in this thing. I think it’s a money raising thing. They’re entitled to their opinion but they just seem awfully foolish. I invite them to see the show Monday night and see what kind of judge I am. This is a family show. It’s a different form of entertainment.”

If you’ve read Stern’s autobiography or seen the movie Private Parts, you know Stern has a rocky history with NBC. His first stint on NBC radio was contentious, leading to the famous scene where Pig Vomit (Paul Giamatti in the movie) tried to teach him how to say, “WNNNNNNBC.”

“I never could trust NBC executives. I had a run in in the 80s and they used to say horrible things about me. I’m not used to the fact that NBC executives in 2012 are saying nice things about me. They have been nothing but wonderful. When Grant Tinker was at NBC said, ‘I will never allow Howard Stern to work for NBC, over my dead body.’ And now he’s a dead body.’”

America’s Got Talent premiers Monday on NBC.