For the past four and a half years Lost has been one of the most popular shows on television, and with its popularity comes some of the most fanatic and diehard fans around.

Diehard "Lost" fans watch episodes repeatedly with an attention span that is far more captive than what most other television shows receive from viewers. These fans are always on the prowl trying to catch each and every little clue that the writers give about what is going on.

"Lost" viewers - the obsessed, the green-behind-the-ear fans, and everyone in between - are all alike. Nobody is certain what is going on, why the island is physically moving, why the island is moving in time, or what the connection the people on the island have with one another, space, time and the island itself.

We are all in fact, LOST!

I asked myself and others the question repeatedly over the past several days - How would we like "Lost" to end? The sum of all the answers was a cross between "I don't know how they can possibly end it with all those confusing storylines" and "something that would tie all of the storylines together."

Thankfully "Lost" has writers, who like the viewers, tend not to forget about past storylines and characters. "Lost" brings back the past and weaves it into present, only to once again weave it into the past again.

This intricate weaving of the storyline is something that tended to get lost (no pun intended) on other wildly popular serial series...*cough* The Sopranos *cough.*

When you take a step back away from the character-to-character issues, one of the underlying stories that you'll find appears to be that "Lost" is a euphemism for all of us being lost in the universe. We have no control over what is going on around us, and no matter what we do it will not stop what is supposed to happen from happening. So in effect, our choices in life are meaningless in the grander scheme of the universe.

Aside from the metaphysical perception of the show, we'd love for "Lost" to end with everyone finding out that the true role of the Dharma Initiative was to create an everlasting peaceful life. The initiative's experiments accidentally and unknowingly created a physical looping of space and time and unknowingly created everlasting life, or immortality.

Since John Locke is now alive and well even though he died, he is most likely the first one to realize this and will get all of the other people left on the island who wish to live on the island forever to join him in what will be, for them, heaven on Earth.

Ben will understand his past and see his mistakes were deep, dark and too unfitting for someone to gain access to heaven on Earth. He will be the lone person "lost" on the island who chooses not to stay in eternal peace.

Whatever the actual ending may be, we can only hope that it will be rewarding to the viewers and that J.J. Abrams doesn't pull a David Chase "Sopranos" finale.

There is only so much bad television endings viewers can take, and we shouldn't ever have "Lost" bring everyone together with an intense set up of a final scene only to be left unknowing as to what happened to the characters who we cared about for so many years.

How would YOU like "Lost" to end? Let us know in the comments!

Story by Eric Stromsvold

Starpulse contributing writer