With Marshall and Lily in new parent mode, the gang had been a little out of sync lately.  They had instructed the others to not bother them with anything that wasn’t “an 8 out of 10 or higher.”  So when Ted was having problems with Victoria and Robin was having problems with Nick, they decided to keep it to themselves. 

When Marshall and Lily finally got some free time, they had a new view of the world as a scary and dangerous place.  They decided that with Marvin to think about now, it was time to draft up a will.  The answers to most questions came easy, but the biggest of all was who would take care of Marvin if they were to die.  They decide that both of their parents are out, and when they finally decide that Marshall’s brother should be the one, they find out he skipped out on his family and moved to a tropical island.  So what would Marshall do in a situation where a decision needed to be made?  Why create an elaborate game of course.

Marshall and Lily challenge the rest of the gang to “Who Wants to Be a Godparent?” They ask them the tough questions like how would you teach Marvin about death, discipline, and the facts of life?  Barney of course gives absurdly inappropriate answers, Robin shows some tough love, and Ted is overly sensitive. 

Eventually the three of them decide that they are tired of fighting over this, and that they need Marshall and Lily to care about their problems as well.  Marshall and Lily come to the realization that while they were trying to become great parents, they had become horrible friends.   They didn’t know anything about what was going on with the rest of them for the last few months.  They hand Marvin off to Lily’s father and head down to the bar.  The five of them close down MacLaren’s for the first time in forever. 

It was fun to finally see the gang all back together at MacLaren’s again.  It really did seem like it had been the end of an era ever since Lily had gotten pregnant.  Lily and Marshall just haven’t been able to get into the same hijinks that made the series so much fun.  The gang is growing up, and with that comes more responsibility, but it sounds like these five have a little life left in them still.

This was the seventh episode written by staff writer Matt Kuhn, the best known is probably “Slapsgiving.”  I think he did a pretty good job with this one-off story.  In two weeks long time staff writer Kourtney Kang (author of such episodes as “Return of the Shirt” and “The Wedding”) returns to write “The Autumn of Break-ups,” which promises to give us some more answers about what happens between Ted & Victoria and Robin & Nick.

No episode next week due to the final Presidential Debate!  The legend continues Oct 29th at 8/7c on CBS.