Last night’s all new HIMYM found Robin and Barney still acclimating to no longer being single.  Ted has a date with a new girl.  When the gang asks to meet her, Ted says she’s waiting outside.  Why?  She’s only 20, and she forgot her fake ID.  With Ted dating a younger girl, Barney found himself going through “hook-up withdrawal.”  Barney decides he will do whatever he can to help Ted score with this hottie. 

Meanwhile, Robin was finding that life wasn’t as easy as it used to be.  Her coffee guy charged her full price, people made her wait in line, and the bartender at MacLaren’s didn’t notice her.  It was the ring. Marshall explained, like the precious from the Lord of the Rings, it had rendered her invisible. 

This is a phenomenon that they had touched on all the way back in season one.  In the episode, “The Sweet Taste of Liberty,” Lily went out with Robin while the guys went on a trip to Philly.  It was the first time she had been on a girl’s night out since Marshall had proposed to her, and she noticed that the guys were treating her differently. 

The girl Ted was dating was very pretty, but they had absolutely nothing in common.  She uses a bunch of slang that he can’t understand, and it is clear that she thinks Ted is much older than he actually is.  The whole thing was just too much for Ted.  He calls Barney and says he was going to give up on it, but Barney urges him on.  When she pulls her phone out, Ted notices that it is decorated to look like R2D2, and they finally have something to talk about. 

Ted meets Barney at the bar the next day to talk of his conquest.  Barney asks to see a picture of this hottie that he helped Ted finally score.  When Barney sees the picture he goes silent.  It is his half-sister, Carly. 

Barney’s mood quickly changes.  He goes as far to try to set up a wedding for Ted and his sister.  Ted points out to Barney that he sees the one night stand as disgusting, that Barney was finally over one night stands. 

In the end, Barney and Robin realize that they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Barney doesn’t need young girls anymore, because he has the woman of his dreams.  It doesn’t matter to Robin that the ring makes her invisible to everyone else, as long as she and Barney can see each other.

This was the third episode written by staff writer Jennifer Hendricks.  While I do feel the reuse of the engagement ring phenomenon to be a bit lazy, the Ted and Barney story was pretty well done.  I did predict that there would be some more drama about the anxiety of being in a relationship from Barney and Robin.  Could this have been the end of Barney Stinson, the womanizer?

The legend continues in two weeks on Monday February 4th at 8/7c on CBS.  This will air the night after the Super Bowl on CBS, and there are several CBS promos lined up for during the game.  I predict that the next episode will be the most watched episode in the history of the show.