HIMYM returned last night with “Something Old,” the tale of Robin searching for something she supposedly buried in Central Park when she was a kid.  While on vacation with her father, she decided to leave an old bracelet in a box and told herself that if she ever got married she would come back and find it to use it as her something old at the wedding. 

Robin tries to subtly tell Barney that she wants him to help her, but he doesn’t pick up on it.  Instead he goes to have some bonding time with Mr. Scherbatsky.  It turns out they are actually getting along quite well, and Barney decides to take him to play laser tag for the first time.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment Lily and Marshall are preparing to head for Italy.  They begin to separate what they should bring with them and what should head out to the “Bermuda Triangle,” the name they have given to curb outside their house.  Anything they put out there seems to magically disappear.  They are having trouble at first, so they call in the expert, Ted, to help them sort everything out.  Ted seems like the perfect man for the job, until he inexplicably insists that they bring an old, leaky bean bag chair with them instead of sending it to the curb.  After arguing for a while, Ted finally reveals his worries about them moving off.  The bean bag chair had been their only piece of furniture when they first moved to New York, and he felt like it was a sentimental representation of their friendship.  If they sent it out to the curb, would it be just as easy to throw away their relationship?

Ted heads off to an important meeting, but gets interrupted by a call from Robin.  Ted picks up on the queues that Barney didn’t and decides to go help her in Central Park.  Robin starts talking about how she is still apprehensive about the wedding, and that perhaps her inability to find this bracelet is a sign that she shouldn’t go through with the wedding.  She is encouraged when she finally finds the box, only to find out that it is empty.  She points out to Ted that Barney ditched her, but that Ted had recognized that she actually wanted some help.  They hold hands for a long, lingering moment.

I have to say that this annoys me quite a bit.  We are seriously going back to Ted and Robin… again?  It would be very different if, like in most shows, we did not know the ending and were along with the ride to find out who Robin ends up with.  However, since the format of show revealed to us from the beginning that Ted and Robin can’t end up together, continuing to come back to this has just become very frustrating.  Also, this whole story is very inconsistent with Robin’s character as a whole, who in earlier seasons said that she probably never wanted to get married.  The side stories about the laser tag and the packing were also very forgettable.  This is perhaps my least favorite episode ever written by show co-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays.  I don’t really understand where this is going with only one episode left in the season.

HIMYM returns next week the season 8 finale, “Something New,” Monday at 8/7c on CBS.