Three quick points:
(A) I hereby nominate Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) friends, Larrabee and Finkelstein, for their own show. Did anyone else notice these two goofballs on How I Met Your Mother? I love the entire of concept of characters that have absolutely no lines and are just there to smile, nod approvingly at themselves and give high fives.

(B) Marshall's (Jason Segel) boss was Kevin Arnold's dad on The Wonder Years. Winnie Cooper was on the show last season. How long will it be before we get a Jason Hervey cameo? I know he is busy with those Scott Baio is 45 and Lovin' It (or whatever) shows but I sense a theme here. Also, when we learned Kevin Arnold's dad died in the final episode, did anyone else over the years get confused and just kind of assume the actor that played him died, too?

(C) What is going on with Marshall's hair?

Having that been said, the new series arc has begun. I give credit that this episode was almost entirely about babies and they avoided being too sentimental about the subject. Barney is given the good news that the girl who he thought he had gotten pregnant was, now, no longer pregnant, for whatever reason. Barney declared this the happiest moment of his life. Now, I personally have never had such a scare, but I have been part of a similar celebration for a friend who had the same experience. Put it this way: that hilarious strut of joy Barney did down the street of the Upper West Side ... I have seen this in real life. It's real.

How I Met Your Mother - Not A Father's Day

Robin (Cobie Smulders) is unemployed and sleeping on Marshall and Lily's (Alyson Hannigan) couch at their new apartment. (Yup, having been through this, there is nothing quite as tense as the "how is the job hunt and apartment search going?" conversation.) All of the baby talk has gotten Marshall and Lily into thinking they want to try to have one of their own, going as far to ask Robin to stay with Ted (Josh Radnor) for an evening.

Things do not go as planned, Marshall's boss (Kevin Arnold's dad) needs Marshall to stay late for a video conference with China. Instead Lily, Ted and Robin discuss the practicalities of having a child. The funniest moment of the episode was the realization that even though Ted is single and does not have a child, he is already acts like a dad. Proven by his "dad jokes" and the way he converses with waiters after they explain that they will be the table's server for the evening; telling them that he is going to "be your customer this evening" while looking at the rest of the table for approval. Ha! My dad does the same thing!

During the conversation -- avoiding what looked to be headed towards complete schmaltz -- Lily gets drunk and crashes Marshall's meeting. In the process, acting out every negative aspect of a baby; from needing her (wine) bottle, crying, to eventually throwing up. End result: They are not having a baby ... yet. And, one future event that was hinted about in a past flash-forward did come to fruition: Robin has now officially moved in with Ted. I was hoping he would have given more consideration Larrabee and Finkelstein.

Story by Mike Ryan

Starpulse contributing writer