Verse 2

Generally on the second verse, Eminem spends his time teaching, reminiscing, and dissing a certain MC and those similar to that MC.  Em segues from the foreshadowing hook, using it as a teachable moment like a coach or mentor: “Everybody want the key and the secret to rap immortality like I have got / well to be truthful the blueprint’s simply rage and youthful exuberance / everybody loves to root for a nuisance / hit the earth like an asteroid, did nothing but shoot for the moon since.”  So basically use youthful angst and have a dream? Let me write that down.  Reveling in his ‘professor status’, Eminem suggests “MC’s get taken to school with his music / cause I use it as a vehicle to bust a rhyme / now I lead a new school full of students.”

What about his credentials? Oh he shares them alright, as he is “…a product of Rakim, Lakim Shabazz, 2 Pac, NWA…” yeah you get the idea.  He’s most proud of the fact he got to induct Run DMC into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  He does think his past demons will keep him from receiving his ‘Hall of Fame’ status (“Even though I walk in the church and burst in a ball of flames / only hall of fame I be inducted in is the alcohol of fame / on the wall of shame”).

The most epic moment of Verse 2 is the shots he takes at one of today’s ‘go stupid’ rappers Waka Flocka Flame.  “You fags think it’s all a game ‘til I walk a flock of flames…” is the most obvious low blow.  However being Eminem, he doesn’t stop there, incorporating his full arsenal of controversies to lyrically slaughter WFF.  “…off a plank, and tell me what in the f**k are you thinking? / little gay looking boy / so gay I can barely say it with a straight face looking boy / you witnessing a massacre…” Indeed it is a massacre, as Eminem seems to treat liken ‘gay’ in a slang fashion as being wack but also doesn’t necessarily shy away from the homophobia of many churches or even perhaps the perceived homophobia that has been a characteristic, particularly of music during his prime.

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