"House" sometimes has a unique theme that runs over the course of the full plot, and when all of the storylines within it are connected, it really comes out to be a shining episode. This week's story was all about lies between friends; some that are playful and some that are serious. House and Wilson played games with one another to prove yet again how they love the other best, the team all got pranked, and the patient of the week was lying to his friend ... for the best kinds of reasons. And when "House" decides to be both funny and tragic, it always manages to find a beautiful kind of balance. More of this please, writers!

The show opens on a drug deal when one of the dealers, Mickey, falls over due to the sound of a gun shot. For some reason all loud noises disorient him enough that he passes out, so House has a new weird patient. His BFF and fellow dealer Eddie brings him in and stays by his side, even while he secretly plans a big drug pay off coming up in a day or so. House bugs his client, because Mickey won't give them any information about where he's been or what he does.

The team are busy trying to mess with one another in a fun prank, or rather, Thirteen, Taub, and Chase are trying to mess with Foreman. Thirteen thinks he needs to be taken down a peg or two (still angry about the break up, much?), so they make Foreman think all three of them are getting paid more than he does. He goes to Cuddy to demand a raise or he'll walk, and she's like 'meh, no time for you, shoo.' So they feel guilty and offer to give some of their money to him, which is actually kind of sweet. Then they realize Foreman was on to them the whole time. Well, duh. How long has he worked for House? He'd better be good at knowing when people were messing with him by now! It probably would be better if they focused on their patient.

Who has a big secret, and House figures it out not long after he sees the patient is on drugs to keep his stress level down. He swears it is because he has to do bad things, but House knows the truth: he's an undercover cop! This puts an interesting spin on the relationship between him and Eddie, because Eddie is faithfully standing by his side as his best friend, and all the while Mickey plans to bust them all at the drug meeting. Now obviously Eddie isn't a good guy, but his genuine care for his friend makes the audience at least briefly feel for him.

The really fun storyline of the week is that a hot woman from House and Wilson's new building thinks they are a gay couple. Wilson likes her, and so House befriends the woman as her new gay BFF. He does stereotypical stuff like watch Oprah and listen to showtunes, and Wilson just sulks and endures like he normally does. House plans to seduce her by saying they are breaking up, and she doesn't believe Wilson when she tells him the truth. So Wilson shows up at a restaurant they are that and ... proposes to House. Hahahaha. It's still funny. House is angry, amused, impressed, and annoyed all at once. Hugh Laurie is just that good of an actor that he displays all of these with just his eyes and expression, and Robert Sean Leonard throws it right back at him with his own amused 'ha ha got you' smile. Seriously, any scene with these two is just gold. I'm glad the writers remembered their friendship is the best part of the show.

And the patient of the week, you ask? He lets his friend Eddie go to the drug deal knowing he will be busted, and he does seem a little sorry about it. He's a lot more sorry because he's dying and there's nothing they can do. He had an autoimmune disease from the beginning, and they are quick to point out he probably wouldn't have had a chance even if he was honest from the get go. At this point the disease has gone on untreated for too long. He gets to call his wife and blow his undercover role just long enough to hold her as he dies. Wow. Harsh. It must be said that Ethan Embry plays Mickey; I remember him from "Can't Hardly Wait" and he's come a long way since then. He does an excellent job as the dying, torn cop in this episode.

Overall a great "House" episode to come back to after the holiday break. This was a fitting companion to the last one titled "Wilson," especially since it focused again on the tight friendship between its two male leads.

"House" is on FOX Monday nights at 8 PM EST.

House cast: Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein / Omar Epps / Robert Sean Leonard / Jennifer Morrison / Jesse Spencer / Peter Jacobson / Anne Dudek / Olivia Wilde / Edi Gathegi

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