Last week House traded his massage therapist/former lover for the chance to be more in Cuddy's life and meet her daughter. He might just be regretting it this week! Cuddy asks him to babysit for Rachel when everyone else can't do it, and although he argues and whines, he agrees to do it in the end. This is why he spends most of the episode panicking with Wilson about Rachel and not paying much attention to his actual case. It's about another child who is dying, and instead of two years she's two days old.

The baby has complications right out of birth and we see it happen on a home video that the daughter is holding for her mother. They panic as the baby is taken away and the doctors swarm. The mother and daughter are estranged for a reason they never actually explain on the show, which is a shame. The patients used to have better backgrounds than this; in fact by the end of the episode the audience usually knew more about the patient than the doctors. That's changed for years now, but this was frustrating because it seemed like it may turn out to be important in the end. Like their fighting was part of the reason the baby was sick. But no. No explanation. Hrm. Anyway the baby is sick and dying and no one can figure out why. By the way, the mother Abbey is played by the lovely Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame.

Also the team is supposed to get a new female doctor since the one Chase chose didn't work out last week. Foreman's is fired immediately just as a lesson to him, and Taub is supposed to pick the next one. He picks the doctor working with them on the baby's case, Dr. Cheng. He wants to trick House into letting her be hired, which leads her to conclude working with the team is actually kind of lame and refusing the position. And she chews out Taub for acting like a child in the first place. Ouch. I like her. So the baby only starts to get better when with its mother, and they decide to give a blood transfusion between them. Voila, magic blood! But why?

House tries to get Wilson to babysit for him, and they both leave Rachel alone for a few minutes to fight about it like five year olds outside. When they get back inside she's ripped open their package and is sucking on a quarter. They panic because they think she's swallowed a dime, so the rest of the episode is the pair of them trying to find the dime in her and hope it passes through her syste. Without letting Cuddy know of course. This does have some very funny moments with Wilson and House, especially when Wilson climbs out the window so Cuddy doesn't know he was there. Those two. Then they figure out she didn't swallow it after all ... except in the end Cuddy finds a dime in her diaper and Rachel pins it on House. That's right. Karma always comes back to you!

In the end the mother has two forms of cancer, one of which she's given to the baby. Skin cancer was given to the baby, but her lung cancer was making her seem healthy because it was keeping the other cancer at bay. What? Yeah it doesn't make sense, but okay, going with it. She insists on helping the baby get better instead of saving her own life, and that leads her to die and they have to harvest her blood. So her resentful big sister gets to raise her instead. That won't give her a complex at all down the road. Poor baby.

The show is off the next few weeks and will return November 8th. Not sure why, but that's what they say. Amber Tamblyn will be joining the cast as the new female doctor, and hopefully she's great and they won't need to bring Thirteen back. They continue to work Cuddy and House's relationship in a tolerable way, and it hasn't ruined their chemistry or the show to be together. Crossing fingers it stays this way!

House is on FOX Monday nights at 8 PM EST.