This week's episode of "House" had everyone talking, either in excitement or annoyance, because they foolishly gave away in the preview that House and Cuddy might be taking an important step in their cat-and-mouse dance. This is the way to bring up ratings on a show, obviously, but it made the entire episode be about 'ooo when will they hook up, is it now?' And of course it's not until the last scene, duh. Still, nicely done, show. Who even cared about the patient of the week?

Said patient is a pretty young ballerina whose lung collapses after her partner drops her during a routine. Clearly since her life is about dancing something was going to happen to her feet, because "House" enjoys being cruel. The acerbic doctor himself is extremely distracted from the case due to his hallucination of the very dead Amber. House realizes he can't figure out her presence without a little help, so he turns to his BFF Wilson. There are only so many reasons he could be hallucinating, and he needs Wilson to help him cross them off until they come up with the answer. Since House's greatest fear is the loss of his brilliant mind, and "House" is cruel, you know it'll come down to that or his greatest love, vicodin.

The team starts to pick up on something weird with House, since he asks Wilson to stay with them in the room after he makes a bad decision with the patient. House usually orders drugs without needing to test first, but this time he actually feels bad that he causes her skin to fall off in clumps (ew). He genuinely apologizes and then Wilson starts to babysit him. As they cross off most of the possibilities, House gets closer to his dread about losing his mind so he decides to almost kill himself again by ODing on insulin. Wilson saves him just in time, but before that we're treated to a pretty freaky OD scene. Hugh Laurie just eats up the screen this week, and this is just the beginning of his award winning performance (hint hint Golden Globes). House does figure out the ballerina has an STD of some sort that caused an abscess in his heart, and then he basically checks out of the case. The ducklings will now have to figure out how to fix her on her own. Poor ducklings, they actually have to be doctors for once!

House (Hugh Laurie, R) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein, L) share an intimate moment in the HOUSE episode "Under My Skin" ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Darren Michaels/FOX

Wilson's part of the week over, House turns to Cuddy. He asks her to help him detox because he knows a clinic wouldn't be able to contain him well, and she knows how he lies and cheats. It's more about the fact he needs her as a presence to keep him clean, but House can't admit that, even if his subconscious Amber does. It's a pretty awful few scenes with House struggling and Cuddy being a rock, but this is just the first day, so hopefully we wouldn't have to suffer through thirty days of his detox. Just the first. Feeling awful but no longer seeing Amber, House and Cuddy have a heart to heart and she basically admits she's always had a thing for him. Then they make out. And the Huddy fan in me squealed so loudly it could be heard by dogs around the block.

Next week is the finale and it's supposed to be the most shocking "House" ever. Kind of like every finale before this or the one when Kutner killed himself. The patient does look interesting, and we'll see the consequences of the Huddy sex.

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House cast: Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein / Omar Epps / Robert Sean Leonard / Jennifer Morrison / Jesse Spencer / Peter Jacobson / Kal Penn / Anne Dudek / Olivia Wilde / Edi Gathegi

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer