Occasionally on "House" the writers will have two-part episodes or maybe a storyline that manages a full arc.

Stacy was one, so was Tritter (ugh) and even Amber, and yet those were all people for House to react to, and in this episode it is all about his reaction to himself. House finally has the chance to be happy, not unlike when his leg was 'fixed' after the shooting accident, but he classically chooses the wrong way. This was done far too fast, but that's probably due to the fact he's a side character in his own show now. Foreteen is all that matters to David Shore, apparently.

The episode starts with a family deciding whether their newborn will be a male or female, since (s)he was born with both genitalia. It then flashes to a young big eyed boy who wins the basketball game for his team, and then falls over in pain. House takes on the case without argument and cheerfully asks Wilson for his food instead of stealing it, and then when the parents ask for a completely unnecessary MRI, he agrees to it. This freaks Wilson out to the point of distraction, because this is not the evil, malicious, wonderful House he knows and has a bromance with. When he asks Cuddy if she slept with House, she denies it but becomes suspicious herself of the normally acerbic doctor.

Foreteen are excited that House is ignoring them now that they 'broke up' and seem like children themselves. This is ruined by the fact that both Kutner and Taub reassure them that breaking up was the best thing to do, and point out things that suck about the other partner. Taub shows that Foreman has no personality (HA), and Kutner that 13 would probably just leave Foreman for a woman. They start to bicker, and then realize the two already know they are still together. But House hasn't ... what?! Foreman decides at that time that House must be on heroin, which Wilson has come to suspect as well. Wilson confronts House at dinner, and House admits to being on methadone; a totally legal drug that nevertheless might kill him. It stopped his breathing earlier in the episode, and Foreman had to twist his nipples to wake him up. Not kidding.

Meanwhile the kid is making 13 remember how confused she was as a dying bisexual, and she tries to persuade the parents to tell him the truth. Then she finds a poem that indicates he's suicidal, and she gives him a clue that the 'vitamins' she is giving him may be something else. The parents flip out, the kid flips out, and 13 feels all guilty when he may be dying and was never suicidal to begin with. Oh who cares. Cuddy causes House to resign when she orders him to stop doing methadone, but all his pain is gone so he's like 'see ya later.' Then he shaves and wears a suit and it's really, really creepy. Everyone is on board for House being painless ... except for him, when he realizes he missed the clue to solve the case. It is either pain and genius, or no pain and just being an average doctor. Of course House chooses his genius, because without it, he's nothing special.

It would've been nice if they spread this storyline over a few episodes, maybe gave it some time to develop. It was really interesting to see how House would be without pain - would he have gone back to himself even without the pain in time? These are answers that will never come because it was tied up in a neat little bow. While the Foreteen side drama spreads out over six episodes. Sigh.

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House cast: Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein / Omar Epps / Robert Sean Leonard / Jennifer Morrison / Jesse Spencer / Peter Jacobson / Kal Penn / Anne Dudek / Olivia Wilde / Edi Gathegi

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer