House is trudging along toward the end of its sixth season, and if they are going to start making sweeping changes in time for the season finale, they are definitely setting the groundwork for it now. Wilson might kick House out, Cuddy and House have a moment, and Thirteen's disease might be rearing its head for real. The latter was always an interesting query. While it wasn't her fault for having a genetic disease, it does pose a problem in terms of liability that she works on patients. With her hands eventually shaking out of control, she could accidentally split open a patient on an easy procedure. Will she be unable to work if this happens? Will they find some way to make her still work because they love Thirteen although most fans don't? It's an interesting thought.

The patient of the week is a familiar face for some, Adam Garcia from Coyote Ugly and his doe eyed bride is played by Eva Amurri, Susan Sarandon's daughter and a recent star from Californication. On the day of their wedding, Teddy suddenly can't talk and faints. House suspects that he's just faking it to get out of marrying her, but then on the way out he has a pleural effusion. So, problem. Things get a little more interesting when it turns out Teddy's old 'roommate' was actually his lover, and that he went to conversion therapy to get the gay out of him. That's a hot topic as you can imagine, both in the real world and in the  House world. Thirteen especially takes offense because she's bisexual, and Chase helpfully points out that she only gets annoyed when things challenge what she likes and believes. Uh, Chase, that's basically everyone. Remember how you freak out about fat people and alcoholism? And diabolical dictators. is

House is not having a good week because he woke up in a neighbor's bed instead of his own. He's been getting drunk regularly. So he's substituting Vicodin for alcohol now, that can't be good. Everyone's worried about him. Wilson pays his team to take him out and have some fun. Taub's date is altered when House calls in his wife, who he is very awkward around because of the affair. Thirteen takes him to a lesbian bar, which is typical but they have an alright time there. The best is with Chase and Foreman who take him to a karaoke bar. Some fans might not have liked that, but I personally found it hilarious. It's way too choreographed, which makes you wonder if the doctors ever thought about doing karaoke before, but Chase has a good voice and they do appear to be having a good time. Which is rare and nice for House.

As for the patient, he keeps getting worse with heart failure and then he starts lactating. For real. Wow. That conversion therapy really is a doozy. His fiance figures out about his past when his former lover comes in and acts a little too familiar. Once she understands, he swears over and over that he's in no way gay even if he was kind of gay before. House figures out that it's a defect in his skull, it's too narrow at the base, and he was simply born with it. "Among other things," House implies. They can fix it with an easy surgery, but they can't fix his relatonship for him. His fiance decides she can't be certain about his tastes, and she leaves him, but only after he tells his ex-lover to leave him. Teddy says he wants to marry her and he needs to marry her. I'm sure that last part solidified her desire to leave.

There's a small Huddy moment when Cuddy offers to take House to dinner. He assumes it's because she is hired by Wilosn too, but she says it's just because she wants them to be friends. He says quietly that's the last thing he wants them to be. I'm a bit tired of their back and forth, but that was a solid moment. Taub stops cheating on his wife, and Thirteen starts to get tremors in her hand. Dun dun duuuuun! Next week it looks like Wilson might be kicking House out, so that's not going to be good. For anyone.

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