House is like a giddy schoolboy at times in this episode, and it's even more endearing then the over-romantic attitude from the last episode. He waits for Cuddy to get to the hospital and flirts with her, then gropes her as long as she'll allow it, and she tells him not to announce it the world until they go to HR. Aw, Cuddy, you wish. He immediately announces to his team and Wilson that he's sleeping with her, and it's almost sweet how excited he seems to be about it. He's snarky and acerbic as always, but you can tell that underneath House really is on the almost hopeful side. Naturally everyone has a different opinion: Foreman thinks it's a great idea, Taub thinks it's an awful idea, and Chase doesn't give a crap. That probably describes right there the entire fanbase's different points of view about House/Cuddy.

This episode deals well with the adjustment period for House and Cuddy about their relationship. They both are softening on issues they'd usually fight about because they don't want to rock the boat. House bows down to her when she says no instead of pushing things, and Cuddy agrees to crazy procedures. They're not certain how this can be fixed, but they better come up with something fast, because a martyr-ish teenager is going to die if they don't! This sweet young girl Della does everything her brother would do if he was capable of it, but he's in a wheelchair due to congenital muscular dystrophy. She collapses at a skateboarding competition. The bond between the siblings could honestly get ridiculous at points, but somehow both young actors do a fantastic job in this episode. As Della gets sicker and her kidneys fail, then she spits up blood, they decide to test her brother for marrow transplant. She doesn't want things to get any worse for him, but then she gets a new lung transplant and it almost immediately dies.

Thirteen is gone. It's nice, right? Listen, I'm all for having more than just Cuddy representing women on this show, but Thirteen wore out her welcome very fast. It wasn't even necessarily Olivia Wilde's fault; they tried too hard to make her fascinating and tried to shove her down the fans' throat. A few episodes without her might get us to start missing her, and that's a good thing. Anyway, House barely blinks an eye about Thirteen, which leads the others to think he might actually know where she is. It's possible. Or he just doesn't care. He's more interested in persuading Wilson that he is sleeping with Cuddy, and she helps that by just groping him openly. Once Wilson belives it, he's firmly in the 'Yay Huddy!' category.

Things get very interesting when House finally does figure out what's wrong with the girl. Usually the diagnosis ends the episode, but it doesn't this time. She has sickle-cell and because she didn't inform him of her symptoms, which she thought were nothing compared to her brother's illness, he couldn't get on it early enough. Being too selfless was her problem here. Now she's going to die because she cannot get another lung transplant, and the only option is to take half a lung from her brother. It will diminish his life expectancy but save her. The girl refuses to take it and even tries to commit suicide to keep it from happening. Jeesh. House is not supposed to tell the parents about this option, Cuddy tells him not to, but he ends up doing it anyway after the father makes a passionate plea for help. The parents are put in a very difficult situation of choosing between their children, and they decide not to do it after Della tries to end it to spare him. House and Cuddy have a very vocal fight about it.

The son handles everything by begging his sister to take his lung so he doesn't have to live without her, and it's very touching. Sometimes the show really finds its heart through the patients. She agrees, so while he has a shorter life, she actually has a life. Aw. House and Cuddy talk it out and realize their fight was a good thing, and they have to be more honest with one another and not be afraid of breaking up simply because they disagree. We'll see how that goes, but it was a logical misstep for a new relationship between colleagues, and it was a good solid episode because of that. It's interesting to see that Taub is so against their relationship, showing he's quite the pessimist since he swears up and down it's going to bite everyone on the butt. It probably will, Taub, but give them at least a few episodes.

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