Despite the fact that some House seasons can be bland, they always manage to pull out big things for the finale. Season one Stacy moved back to torment House, the second season House got shot, the third season his entire team quit, the fourth season Amber died, and the fifth season House went crazy and checked himself into a mental institute. This season went in a similar depressing path although it did manage to end on a possible good note. Will that last? Very unlikely. Was it still finally worth it? You know, it actually was!

A horrible accident has happened in New Jersey. A crane operator fell asleep (or passed out, as House diagnoses) and crashed his machine into an office building. There are people everywhere crushed by the debris as it collapsed and House, Cuddy, and Foreman go to try and help the emergency teams sort out the bodies. Usually it would be silly to have someone like House around, he can't really do much with his leg, but he does diagnose fast and can point out people who need more help than others. He orders Foreman to take the operator to the hospital because he didn't just fall asleep, but Cuddy insists he stay there to help her rather than go back.

House and Cuddy are not getting along because he finally gave her that special book as a housewarming gift. She awkwardly looks away from him, but that's because she reveals later that Lucas has proposed. House tries to point out that she was awkward about it, desperate to find a reason she wasn't happy, but she coldly tells him she's moved on and to get over it. Cuddy says all kinds of mean things this episode, as if she's trying to be the new House now that he's all mopey and 'cured.'

House hears someone clanging from below and crawls down into an enclosed space under the rubble. Anyone who is claustrophobic should avoid this episode entirely. He finds a girl down there named Hannah who is pinned to the grond with something blocking off her leg. Cuddy wants to amputate to get her out, but House obviously is no fan of cutting off legs. He insists they can wait it out and try to move the rubble first, and Hannah enthusiastically agrees. This causes her to trust House, and she cries if he tries to leave, so he's forced to stay by her side. They bond and talk about her husband and her life. They try to move the rubble but it just makes things worse, and Cuddy says they have to amputate now to get her out.

House and Cuddy have a vicious fight where he refuses to take off the leg, and she says he's doing this because of his own problems and not for the patient. She basically breaks him into pieces saying he's alone and unable to move on and you can see how much it hurts him. Then House talks to Hannah and gives her a heartfelt speech about what happened to his leg and how it turned him into a worse person. He's alone and he doesn't want her to be. Hugh Laurie is just incredible in this scene, and it's strange but also cathartic to see House stripped down to his bare emotions. She agrees to his advice. The amputation scene shows little but is so horrifying to think about that I'm just going to stop thinking about it.

Back at the hospital, the team (sans Thirteen in the beginning) try to figure out what happened to the worker. They're uncertain if he fell asleep or passed out, but House is certain it was an involuntary thing. They get Hannah out of the wreckage and into an ambulance with her worried husband. House goes with them. On the way she starts to get sick, and he realizes it's an incurable response to the amputation. He looks Hannah in the eye as she dies. When he gets to the hospital he diagnoses the crane worker with a cyst on his spine that made him pass out in stress times, so it was an accident for real. Foreman tries to reassure House it wasn't his fault, and House yells he knows that, but she died anyway.

House returns home and is clearly at the end of his rope. Cuddy's getting married, Wilson kicked him out, he has no friends and no real family, and he failed her. He rips off a mirror and shows he had two bottles of pills hiding there as a stash. Seriously, Hugh Laurie deserves an Emmy for this episode alone, because his relief/terror/desire shows so plainly on his face when he looks at the pills. As he's staring at them, sitting on the floor, Cuddy shows up. She tells him that she broke up with Lucas because she has to know if she and House can work before she moves on. She loves him, even if she doesn't want to. House looks scared and joyful and she helps him up so they can kiss. He is afraid it's a hallucination, but he didn't take the pills, so this is real. Also, Thirteen says she's taking off time, probably because of the hand shaking we saw a few episodes ago. Very few people care. And that's how House season six ends.

Overall this was a season with a lot of ups and downs. House in the psych ward wasn't really as fulfilling as it should have been, but they proved they intended to stay with it all season, and that House really was off the pills for now. So kudos for that. His scenes with Wilson have been hilarious and fun, and the Chase/Cameron break up felt ... contrived, but that's to be expected when she wanted out. The cases have not been very exciting for years, but overall it was a solid season. Good moments, bad moments, but the finale really brought it together nicely. And this is the first year when it went out on an optimistic note. Sure people are afraid that the show will be over now that House and Cuddy are trying things out, but have faith in the writers. Everyone gets tired of will they/won't they, and it takes guts to go through with it. Especially since they already played a 'just kidding!' on us with the hallucination last year. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. So until next season, remember it's never lupus, and that you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes ... House just might get what he needs!