So last week on "House" the writers decided to 'shock' everyone by having their happy-go-lucky character Kutner abruptly commit suicide. The background story is now known, with Kal Penn taking off from his acting career for one in the government instead, and the writers decided to use his exit in a dramatic way. After the dust settles, the show went back to its roots in a lot of ways. More of Cameron and Chase from the first three seasons, plenty of Wilson and House playfulness, and even a clinic patient. It worked well as an episode, but it did make Kutner's death a little anti-climatic. Cameron and Chase are the ones freaking out about it more? Really? Wow.

The patient of the week is an environmentalist activist named Doug who ignores his wife and child to save the world by strapping himself to trees and mountains. During a protest he falls ill and his case falls into Cameron's hands. She claims she owes his other doctor a favor and tries to get House to take it. He's more intrigued by why she is hanging out at his office, so he sends her off to take all the tests, thus causing her to cancel a vacation she and Chase planned together. This does not make the Aussie happy, as you can imagine, and things aren't going to get any better for Chase. At first. Everyone is speculating on whether Cameron wants to get back on the team with Kutner gone, or if she has feelings for House still. Everyone be thankful it is not the latter; no one needs a replay of season one.

The case is relatively uninteresting to House, although he does find it amusing that the patient didn't even bother to call his wife, and that he claims their son matters no more than everyone else's children. He also likes that at one point he can poke the patient in the neck and his bones snap. Creepy. Mostly House is more interested in finding out why Wilson is now eating very healthy food, and why Cameron is shadowing him. After finding no good reason for either, he is convinced he's losing his mind. This is a very scary thing for House, and not a new concept for the show, but it's so integral to his character that the repetition is necessary. House has to best and the smartest, otherwise what does he have? A drug addiction, one friend, prostitutes for lovers, and a bum leg. Cuddy gets twitchy over Cameron, pretending to be concerned for the 'hospital,' which everyone knows is code for 'don't touch my House!' Boy are they going to hook up soon.

The show hits its climax when Chase cannot handle Cameron's secrets anymore, and he breaks up with her. This is right after she confesses to House she found an engagement ring in his sock, and she is scared he'll propose for the wrong reasons. She also has a dead fiancé and issues, so this is not all that out of character for Cameron. Instead of running, however, she fights for him and they are happily engaged by the end of the episode. This would be really sweet if it wasn't for the awkward underlining fact the actors used to be engaged, and she broke it off. It could not have been fun for him to propose in character. Déjà vu, in the most painful of ways.

After realizing that Wilson is just messing with him so they are BFF's again, House manages to solve the case (the roses did it!) and feel like he's an ultra genius again. Even if he still got Kutner and Cameron wrong. He seems in good spirits at the end of the episode playing the piano … and then very, very scared when the ghost of Cutthroat Bitch AKA Amber smirks at him. Yay, Amber's back!

"House" is on Fox Monday nights at 8 PM EST.

House cast: Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein / Omar Epps / Robert Sean Leonard / Jennifer Morrison / Jesse Spencer / Peter Jacobson / Kal Penn / Anne Dudek / Olivia Wilde / Edi Gathegi

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer