"House" is back at a whole new time, and boy can that be a little jarring. It is difficult to juggle a full TV load for a fan, and the DVR can only record so many things at the same time. "House" is now the lead-in to the newly returned "24," which means it is on Monday's on FOX at 8 pm. For anyone who missed that, do not feel too foolish; you were certainly not the only ones. Previously on "House," Foreman and Thirteen abruptly decided they had sexual tension, Cuddy got her miracle Christmas baby, and House hasn't changed at all either way. It is good to know we can always count on him to refuse progress.

The patient of the week is a man named Jeff who tries to commit suicide in the first scene. His wife and son catch him letting his exhaust run into the car, and they manage to save him. He is not extremely grateful, since he has extreme constant pain that cannot be explained by anyone. Cameron's big bleeding heart decides House can find his new BFF in someone who is in chronic pain too. The team has to try and figure out why Jeff is feeling pain for no reason while keeping him from various attempts at suicide. One attempt includes using his son to help him. Now that kid is going to need some serious therapy.

Meanwhile in House world, the pipes in his house burst and the plumber insists it is House's fault. This turns out to be true, and it all leads back to House's injury, which is sad and a nod to the more subtle problems he faces because of his leg. Taub identifies with the patient because a "friend" tried to commit suicide once, and he is still very angry over it. Maybe this "friend" also cheated on his wife and was short, bald, and a plastic surgeon. Kutner points this out, and somehow manages to be the only stable member of the Numbers this week. Kind of weird considering he is the one who set a patient on fire.

Foreman and Thirteen, nicknamed Foreteen by various bloggers and now House himself, have not spoken much since they made out in the last episode. He wants a real relationship, and she wants to just leave it be because of her illness. It is a very mature and wise decision for Thirteen, since she is going through a great deal of personal angst, but Foreman childishly will not comply. Or romantically. Whichever. He schedules Janice, Thirteen's fellow patient and friend, before her so his lady love can see how much better Janice is getting. It works, but then he realizes Thirteen is actually on the placebo. If the drug works, it does not matter, because she isn't going to get any better. Looks like he'll have to decide between telling her and being a bad doctor, or being a good doctor and not getting any lovin'.

Finally Cuddy is struggling with her newfound motherhood, which makes her deliriously happy, and she cannot seem to find a middle ground. Wilson makes a brief appearance to remind her she can use help, and she does this by ... asking Cameron to ... take her job. There is no way in the wide world this makes any sense because Cameron was several pegs below Cuddy. And what about the board? Wouldn't they have problems with her randomly substituting for the Chief of Medicine without any experience? Very contrived, show, and probably not half as amusing as you plan it to be.

It is a mark of the changes in this show that most of what happens is all personal rather than medical. When it first began the cases were 80% of the intrigue, and then little bits and pieces of their character would come out. This does not necessarily make the show better or worse than it started, only different.

Check out "House" at its new time on FOX, Monday's at 8 PM EST!

House cast: Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein / Omar Epps / Robert Sean Leonard / Jennifer Morrison / Jesse Spencer / Peter Jacobson / Kal Penn / Anne Dudek / Olivia Wilde / Edi Gathegi

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer