I think I need to be more specific when I ask things of House, like less stories of Thirteen (which never happens since she's the new star of the show), and a spotlight on Taub. All of the other characters got their moment to shine or annoy so far, but the sardonic former plastic surgeon rarely does. It was exciting to think he'd get more attention this week ... until it turned out to be negative attention.

The patient of the week is a pretty woman who has a successful open marriage with her loving husband. Naturally this causes House to get obsessive and try to prove that there's no such thing as a happy marriage, let alone an open one. He's such a romantic. Naturally they assume at first that her condition has to do with sex of some kind, and all of the doctors get enormously inappropriate as the episode goes on. They all ask her about her relationship, and she seems pretty relaxed about it, but then the husband says that he doesn't sleep around. Only she does. Which leads House to assume that he's doing something else wrong to make up for it. Surprise surprise, House is right: he's lost all of their money. I guess that does warrent letting her sleep around a little, go figure.

This brilliant open marriage business leads Taub to start thinking about it himself, since he has a history of being incapable of keeping it in his pants. There's a cute nurse that has coffee with him constantly and he's tempted by her. When he stupidly brings up open marriages at dinner with his wife, she asks if he wants one and he doesn't exactly say no, so they start having a rocky time. This relationship trauma gets a lot more uncomfortable considering that Taub just comes out and tells the whole team about it. House does push him a little, but dude, just say no. This is so much more awkward. Everyone is creepily interested in talking about Taub's sex life, except for Chase who apparently is the only one left that remembers this is a medical show and they have a patient.

Some cracks in the marriage show even despite the lies about the money when the wife's lover shows up with flowers. Aw, that's almost sweet. Except the husband gets all in his face about now going in 'their' space. When they were discussing the rules of open marriage to him, apparently they left out the part where he was not supposed to go to the hospital or exist outside of the bedroom. Say it with me: awkward. Taub's wife decides to let him sleep around to keep their marriage, and he takes her at his word by making a date with the nurse. Taub it's a trap! You idiot! Or maybe the truth is he just wants it so badly that he'll ignore that part. Except when it comes to the date his wife shows up crying and tells him she can't dot it. He gently tells her it's okay and he only wants her. Ha ha ha. That's so funny, because we all know that by the end of the episode he kisses the nurse and no doubt starts an affair with her. Oh Taub. You hobbit lothario you.

In more personal issues that have nothing to do with medicine, House tries to break up Sam and Wilson by appealing to Wilson's OCD cleaning issues. He blames Sam for doing all the things that annoy Wilson the most, but it actually works out. Wilson and Sam have a roaring fight and bring up issues they've been ignoring, and while they break up for a short time, it strengthens them as a couple when they apologize. House did help Wilson be less of a doormat, but this is good since instead of hiding it inside and resenting her, he's being honest now. House is of course shattered by the fact his boyfriend is still insisting on dating someone else.

Huh? Oh right the patient. She got stun by a bee. This caused Henoch-Schonlein purpura, which is basically a vasculitis but they couldn't see a rash on her tongue that would've signaled it. No one asked her to open her mouth and say 'ah' this entire time? Seriously? Doctors make you do that even for a routine check up. I call foul. Whatever, it's not like the show cares about patients anymore. It used to be about the medicine and they'd show us little hints about the doctors that were interesting. Now we know more about them than we'd ever want to. It must be said that Cynthia Watros is fitting in well on the show, and it was nice for Taub to get some attention, even if it was to show he's a cheating jerk. Again.

Fun note though, House has a picture of Stephen Colbert in his office. That was cute. Of course House is a fan of Colbert. 

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