'House' is back  and Cuddy is still pressuring him to get a female doctor on the team. Is it a medical law that he has to hire one, or is she just really interested in women power? In any case, Cuddy hired a girl for him: a third year medical student who has three PhDs. A super genius, Masters, played by Amber Tamblyn. First, let's just get a few questionable things out of the way: medical school is tough, and third year in particularly is considered difficult. How is she supposed to complete her studies and be at House's beck and call? How is she any more qualified than some of the other Numbers he turned down in season four? Do we really need a Mini-Cameron back on the show? All right, good to get that out of the way. Now back to the episode.

It's a topical story this week as the patient is the campaign manager of a sitting senator. His boss wants to run a 'clean' campaign, but he's losing to his opponent, and Joe (played by 'Heroes' alum Jack Coleman) starts a smear ad against the other guy. While they're arguing about it, Joe gets a very bad rash. Masters is the new team member and her bright eyed enthusiasm either annoys (House and Taub) or amuses (Foreman and Chase). She is awkward and quirky, like all genius level intellects on television,  and she will not lie to anyone or damage her honor for House. Naturally, he wants to stomp on her. She refuses to enter the house of the patient, and when she tries to tell him they broke in, he doesn't seem to care. Because he's a corrupt official and he assumes everyone is corrupt; as long as they save him, he's alright with it.

Everyone tries to figure out why Taub instantly didn't like her. House assumes it's because he feels old, but Foreman and Taub play a basketball game and he does rather well. While out with Chase and Foreman breaking into the patient's house again, he admits that he interviewed her for college. He was hurt that she didn't remember him. Wow, that's a small thing to hold such a grudge about. Is he really that insecure? Apparently. It turns out she did remember, but she felt awkward about bringing it up when she first joined the team.

House fires and rehires Masters a few times, mostly because the entire team gets arrested while breaking in, and he needs a sounding board. With the patient dying quickly, he needs all the help he can get. They watch as the senator throws Joe under the bus. He leaked the bad ad, and then pins it on Joe as the one who leaked it. Joe seems to just shrug it off, saying it's just politics, but maybe under the surface it bothers him. It should! This does give House the idea that he has hepatitis C and that the senator gave it to him. Not through sex, which is the obvious way, but through sharing a straw when shorting coke together. Fun times. Isn't it great how politicians are always corrupt and evil no matter what?

The problem is that House can't prove it through a test, something that Masters rats on him about. Cuddy says he cannot do an experimental treatment on the patient which involves infecting him with hepatitis A. Masters argues with Cuddy on his behalf, and House secretly gets blood from the Senator. He switches it with Joe's so the test will come out positive. They can do their test, and Masters persuades him to believe in House because he is risking his job. Joe is saved, although he's coming out to a very bad reputation now. House allows Masters to stay on the team, and he feels guilty about lying to Cuddy. She finds out about it at the end and looks fairly horrified. Well she did say she knew who he was and loved him anyway. That's sort of the bad part about loving a lying jerk, Cuddy!

'House' is on FOX Monday nights at 8 PM EST.