House is back, and it starts things off right by having brand new credits. Seven seasons in and they finally changed the credits! Jennifer Morrison is officially off them, with Peter Jacobson and Olivia Wilde added on. This has been driving fans crazy since the new cast members joined, so it's about time and it really freshened things up from the get go. This premiere is different in a lot of ways from a typical House episode, and that's just one of them.

First off, this doesn't exactly have much of a medical mystery, and it is much more focused on picking up where the last finale ended. There were a few big character reveals so those were deemed much more important to wrap up then remember this was a medical show. House and Cuddy are the focus of this episode since it's been so many years coming, and the two are embarking on a new relationship. They have a romantic day where House makes food and they play board games and try to enjoy being trapped inside his house. He calls her in sick for the day and tells her assistant to send home an ill doctor, not knowing that the doctor is their only neurosurgeon. He spends the day trying to hide his screw up by making his team fix things, and let Cuddy focus on their loooove.

They have baths and sex and talk and are somewhat adorable at times. Then Wilson interrupts them by assuming House is becoming a drug addict again, which almost did happen so kudos to you Wilson. He goes so far as to break in through the kitchen window, and then House gets him to shoo although he tries to show him Cuddy and she hides. Things can only be nice so long because when she finally starts to leave the love nest, after they promise to go on a trip to Paris (really House?), he freaks out. They know eventually things will crumble and he will screw everything up, and Cuddy stays to talk him down. She points out that she fell in love with the man he is, so she doesn't exactly want him to change. He finally says "I love you" back to her, which whoa, and it looks like they're going to try to see this through. They both look frightened once she leaves his house.

So back to the hospital, the team has to figure out a way to help the neurosurgeon feel better and get him back to the hospital. Without him the trauma and ER has to be shut down and bad things will happen and Cuddy will never forgive House. Oh noooo! This almost feels like a Scooby Doo mystery somehow. Zoinks! Anyway, they figure out it isn't food poisoning and Thirteen gives him medication that makes him feel better, but also makes him hallucinate. And for some reason take off his clothes a great deal. He eventually admits he went to some seafood thing and ate everything they offered him, including some frog eggs. Yuck. They can fix that though and everything is better and Cuddy is none the wiser. Good job, team. This is clearly what you're being paid the big bucks for.

If you've missed the Thirteen Show, here it is again in full force. They all read her letter where she said she's going to be leaving for awhile. They think she's going to Italy where there's a treatment for her illness, and everyone has different reactions. Foreman is of course negative and whines about knowing better and tries to be controlling of her again. Taub thinks she should do anything to save her life. Chase asks to have sex with her, because they're recycling plot lines for him where he has sex with his pretty female co-worker and will eventually marry her after she reveals she froze her ex-husband's sperm. Thirteen says no to Chase (for now, no doubt), and then disappears instead of going to her party, and she wasn't going ot Italy after all. A few weeks without the Thirteen Show? How will this show survive?

All in all, not a bad premiere, although it did seem to lose some of its medical roots there. Slowly the show has become more about the doctors then about the medicine, which happens in a lot of cases, but they used to be able to balance the two. For House/Cuddy fans this was probably a dream episode, and both actors did a great job in all of their scenes. It was a bit underwhelming, but not a bad start to a season, and it'll be interesting to see where everyone goes from here.

House is on FOX Monday nights at 8 PM EST.