This week’s episode of “House” made it seem like the regular writing staff took some time off. The story was barely existent and the obligatory medical mystery for this episode was in no way thrilling or mysterious. There aren’t many more episodes of “House” left and hopefully none of them are like this.

“Love Is Blind” (even the episode’s title is lazy) opens with a man buying an engagement ring at a jewelry store. Will (Michael B. Jordan) is blind, but appears to be quite capable at getting around by himself with only the aid of his walking stick. As he is waiting to cross the street, suddenly the noises surrounding him become almost deafening, completely disorienting Will. He stumbles through an intersection and collapses on the other side.

When we meet up with the team after the credits, they are discussing Will’s case. House is joining by speakerphone because he is presently occupied spying on Wilson and an older woman he is escorting through the hospital. According to House, Wilson is stabbing him in the back, so clearly House knows the woman.

The team struggles to come up with a diagnosis early on because Will’s case is rather unique. They can’t tell if he was hallucinating and he has no history of seizures. Will’s girlfriend, Melissa (Margo Harshman), is helpful, but slightly overbearing. She stays by his side as the doctors run the tests and try to figure out what is wrong.

Wilson brings the woman he was escorting by the office to see House, but he is of course not there. We find out that she is actually House’s mother, Blythe (Diane Baker), and that House has told her he is at a medical conference currently and has been in Africa with Doctors Without Boundaries for the last year (as opposed to being in prison). When Wilson and Blythe visit the commissary for lunch, he notices she is wearing a hospital bracelet that she brushes off as not a big deal. He notices she also has a book on living with terminal illnesses. Wilson knows he has to tell House that his mother is sick.

Will begins suffering more symptoms including his teeth falling out which he almost chokes on. The team thinks that because he is diabetic that it is related, but soon they rule that out when he begins vomiting blood and his eyes begin to burn. While his predicament is anything but enviable, we also find out that he and Melissa have recently gotten back together after taking a break. The break, which was her idea, resulted in Will meeting and falling in love with another girl to whom he plans to propose. This doesn’t sit well with Adams who makes her feelings known to Will.

Wilson tells House about his mother’s illness and House abandons his ruse to hide from her (which includes paying young patients to draw pictures of him to pass off as the artwork of African patients). When House visits his mother’s hotel room, he gets a shock he wasn’t expecting: she isn’t sick and she is having sex with a man named Thomas (Billy Connolly) who was friends with House’s father before he died. Thomas, coincidentally enough, is also the man House is convinced is his real father, discovering several years ago that the man who raised him wasn’t his biological parent.

The rest of the episode is the standard “House” procedural and is one of the most boring episodes in the series’ history. It is fun to see Michael B. Jordan who starred in the found footage film “Chronicle” earlier this year. As he did in that film, Jordan gives a terrific performance. Billy Connolly is always a wonderful addition to any movie or television show, so that helps make the episode bearable. Overall, though, “Love Is Blind” is a subpar installment at best and hopefully does not represent the way the show will end.