This week's episode of House was a little personal for yours truly because I used to work at a Renaissance Faire. They're fun places to visit and be a part of, and usually they have a great sense of humor about being made fun of. On the other hand, people can take it rather seriously, like the Patient of the Week 'Sir' William. He wants to impress the lovely 'Queen' of the Faire, and after winning a sword match he falls down with blood in his eyes. From there on his eyes look like a demon, which is a pretty cool trick, but one has to wonder if the actor had to wear scary eye contacts for it.

The team is on Sir William's case, and they assume that it has to be related to his work. Foreman and Thirteen visit the faire, and while Foreman is not amused by it, Thirteen seems right at home. Somehow it makes sense that she would love Faires. There's a historical buff somewhere inside of Remy Hadley! They interview the King and Queen of the Faire, but nothing in particular jumps out to anyone about what could have happened. The King does admit that the knights are forced to eat all kinds of disgusting things as proof of their courage. Meanwhile William is getting worse and the team isn't sure yet if it's environmental or something in himself.

Thirteen realizes he's desperately in love with the Queen, who in real life is engaged to his best friend (the King) and he just quietly loves her from afar. Because Thirteen enjoys getting far too involved in people's personal lives and telling them what to do, she encourages him to confess his feelings. Leave it alone, girl. She's probably marrying the other guy for a reason! When they break into William's house they find a secret room with books related to Wiccanism, but that turns out to be a red herring. House decides to go himself to the Faire and dresses up in full historical garb. This should be a rule from now on: every season Hugh Laurie has to dress in medieval garb. He looks strangey at home in it!

In costume he actually does get a little more out of people, and he finds out that in one of the shops they're selling hemlock. Ooooh man. Note: that is not a mistake any Faire would actually make! Do not be terrified of buying anything there! Anyway, House figures that the King poisoned his friend on purpose because of the girl they both loved, but he swears he didn't. It's possible he might have given it to them in the food-eating contest, but it wasn't intentional. None of the other knights got sick, but hemlock was the secret. Sir William was taking steroids (really?) to be better on the field, and they caused the hemlock poisoning to be more intense then it should have been at that small dose. End of case!

On the personal level of the show, House is freaking out because he meets Wilson's new girlfriend and figures out she's his first wife, Samantha (hello to the lovely Cynthia Watros). House always hates when Wilson's attention is away from him, which is why Wilson was so hesitant to date Sam in the first place. Among more obvious reasons like Sam broke his heart years ago. House tries to draw Cuddy into his petty games, but she won't help out. House goes on a double date with them and brings a transvestite, and then he is very sulky when the transvestite is very funny and gets along with everyone. He and Sam snipe at one another when Wilson leaves the room at one point, but she tells him sincerely the next day that he really has to give them a chance. Reluctantly House throws out the file he got Lucas to take out on her, and accepts (for now) that he'll have to wait and see. 

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