This week’s episode of “House” was a bit of an oddity for the series. For starters, the episode did not open with the typical prologue involving the medical mystery House and his team would have to solve. Instead, it gets right to the crux of the story or, more precisely, stories. 

House tells his team that their new case involves the death of a four-year-old boy due to kidney failure, something that should never happen to a child that young. At the same time, Foreman informs House that he and his team have a new case of a teenage girl, Iris (Madison Davenport), who is having inexplicable attacks which several ER doctors have not been able to explain. House refuses the case on the basis that his is more interesting, and Foreman backs down until Adams points out that the young boy died five years ago. Foreman tells House to take his case. 

House instructs his team to begin treating Iris while he sneaks off to an anger management meeting to harass the father of the young boy who died. After his son’s death, the father and his wife got divorced and he hasn’t been able to handle his anger or depression. House tells him that if he can have access to his son’s remains that he might be able to explain why he died so suddenly. 

Meanwhile, Park begins to wonder why Chase keeps arriving to work late and seems to be exceptionally well-groomed. More so than usual, anyway. Chase says he is dating a girl who is really into appearances but Park isn’t buying it. Chase eventually admits to Taub that the girl he is seeing is a news reporter and asked him to appear in a medical feature on the morning news. 

Iris isn’t getting any better and the team doesn’t know why. When she admits that she has been seeing a boy, the team runs a pregnancy test and it comes back positive even though Iris swears they have never had sex. The bruising on her arms sends a red flag up for the team and they think maybe the boy has been abusing her. The team wants to question the young man, but Iris refuses to say who he is. 

House finally finds out where the young boy’s body has been buried and is in luck to find it is in a crypt which is easily accessible. After examining the body, he discovers the boy had a rare genetic condition which resulted in his quick and early death. This is the closure the boy’s parents needed to move on. 

In speaking with Wilson, House has a breakthrough about Iris whom he has seemingly been following only cursorily. House tells Iris her boyfriend was in an accident and that he’s dead, but Iris says he’s lying. When asked how she can be sure, she answers, “Because I’m right here, dick.” Iris is suffering from dissociative identity disorder (formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder) as a result of a car crash when she was two years old in which she watched her father die. She suppressed the memory, but developed multiple identities as a way to cope. 

There is really no huge revelation as in typical “House” episodes. The back and forth with House and Foreman seems rather forced and it’s hard to believe Foreman doesn’t come down harder after being disobeyed. It is possible that in its eighth season that the series is starting to show signs of erosion from the previously nail-biting episodes it once delivered.