During the Nov. 6 episode of House, a female drag racer is stricken with blurry vision during a race but somehow manages to win the race. As she is interviewed at the finish line she passes out.

The Fellows debate with House whether or not they want to take on the case as Dr. Foreman suggests that she merely suffered from heat stroke. A federal agent from the CIA enters and wants to speak to House. He convinces House to be a consultant on a case where one of their agents was possibly poisoned.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brennan and Foreman tend to the drag racer. Foreman, still convinced that she only has heat stroke, informs her that she is merely dehydrated but that they will run another cat scan to rule out other possibilities. He calls House's cell phone, and House informs him that he is on a secret mission for the CIA. House listens to Foreman discuss Casey (the female drag racer) and her symptoms. House suggests that Casey has Miller Fisher inflammation (another of those obscure and rare cases that only appear on an episode of "House" or in scattered medical journals) and Thirteen comes up with an identical conclusion.

Casey then goes into convulsions, and when she comes to she is belligerent with the doctors because they seem to keep "guessing" at her diagnosis. She then develops an extremely high fever, which as we all know means 'something ain't right.' The Fellow/Foreman debate continues, only this time it is a question of MS or Lupus. Dr. Brennan and the others challenge Foreman and his unease and agitation is clear, at least to the viewer.

Back at the CIA HQ, House is introduced to the very beautiful Dr. Sam Terzi, whom many might recognize as Dr. Cleo from the hit series ER (played by Michael Michele). Another gentleman, Dr. Curtis from the Mayo Clinic, is also brought in to consult the mysterious case. The patient, heretofore known as "John," is sick.
Dr. Terzi is unable to reveal where "John" has been, except to say that he spent a fair amount of time in Bolivia and he ate some chestnuts. Dr. Curtis immediately suspects Horse Chestnuts, a diagnosis that House quickly casts off. House claims that not only does he NOT believe "John" has been poisoned, he thinks he is suffering from pancreatitis and that he is hiding the fact that he is an alcoholic. Dr. Curtis argues vehemently that "John" has radiation poison for which treatment is started.

House insubordinately (nooo - not House!) switches John's medicine to treat pancreatitis instead of radiation poisoning, but John deteriorates and goes into an unconscious state. Dr. Curtis rebukes House's unprofessionalism and misdiagnosis, to which House comes back with the diagnosis of Waldenstrom's, which is a very rare form of cancer.

Meanwhile, back at competition central, Casey's lab results indicate she could be suffering from both MS and Lupus. Foreman is sure that it is MS, but Amber and Dr. Taub secretly consult Cameron in the ER. Cameron informs them that they should not be talking to her about Foreman's case, but in the end she tells the two that Dr. House will ONLY care about RESULTS. The two then begin treating the patient for Lupus, approved by Cameron, but this is in addition to the treatment for MS. Suddenly, Casey cannot feel her legs.

Foreman is angered with Taub and Amber and argues that their treatment could have overloaded her system and permanently paralyzed her. Out of the blue, Taub suggests botulism and Dr. Brennan proposes polio, though there have been no cases in the United States for many years. He continues to argue that he has seen this when he worked in third world countries. Foreman insists that the only reason he diagnosed polio is because he is looking for it and begins treating the patient for botulism.

Later, Cameron and Foreman meet in the ER where he tells her that he has dismissed her current patient. She argues that he had no right to do that because it was her patient, but she finally realizes that he is merely teaching her a lesson for butting her nose into a medical case in which she did not belong.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brennan checks the patient for polio.

Back at the CIA, House calls Dr. Wilson to see what the best form of treatment would be for John, now diagnosed with cancer. For obvious reasons, Wilson is sure that he is on to House and that not only is he not at the CIA, he's just trying to get out of work. House gives him the extension to call at Langley and surprises Wilson when he answers. Wilson consults with him and as they begin the treatment. House then offers Dr. Terzi one of his fellowships (does she know it's a competition?).

John begins to feel better, but when his hair begins to fall out in clumps, House realizes he was wrong about the cancer. Again, he is chastised by Dr. Curtis about his unprofessionalism. House suggests another treatment that is made from Chinese herbs (which they just happened to have on hand at Langley). While undergoing this treatment, John informs house that he had spent over a month of Carnival as an attaché to a female government minister. Intelligent House realizes that Carnival in Bolivia only lasts eight days (who would know that?). He deduces that John was actually in Brazil, not Bolivia. He has merely eaten too many Brazil nuts (good to know for this upcoming holiday season).

A cocky Dr. Brennan brings positive polio test results to Foreman. Foreman humbly apologizes for being stubborn about Casey as Dr. Brennan advises treating her with vitamin C.

With the new treatment, Casey begins to feel her legs again and Foreman is amazed that it has worked. Cameron later speaks with Foreman and admits to him that she actually misses the excitement of working with House.

At "tribal council" in the lecture hall, Foreman brings Casey's file to House. Of course she has been cured of polio because she never had it to begin with. House explains to the fellows that her symptoms seemed like polio because she was poisoned with thallium and was apparently cured with vitamin C. Brennan did this because he wanted to get research started for curing the disease in the third world. The original diagnosis, by Foreman, of heat stroke was correct. House says he will not fire Dr. Brennan but he does make him quit. He asks the other fellows who was left in charge when he left? They answer in unison "Dr. Foreman." House informs them that they should have listened to Foreman, and the pride on Foreman's face was gone in an instant. Apparently it's better not to read too much into a complement from House, or at least not let it show.

Cuddy meets House in the hallway, and she gives him the second degree about being gone so long. She doesn't believe his "lie" about working for the CIA so he makes up another outlandish excuse, which she buys and then doubles his clinic hours and gives Wilson even more for trying to "lie" for House.

Outside the hospital, Dr. Terzi/Cleo is waiting for House, surprising him when she says she will take him up on his offer.

Next week, should be VERY interesting.

Recap by Angie Degelman
Starpulse.com contributing writer