Hilary Swank showed a little leg as she arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City for a guest appearance on "The Late show with David Letterman" Wednesday afternoon to promote her new film, "Conviction."

The star has come under fire over the film recently, as the family of a real-life murder victim has called for a meeting with the actress, so she can explain why the family was never consulted about the movie.

Members of Katharina Brow's family are upset about the film, which chronicles Kenneth Waters' battle for justice after he was convicted of her murder and placed on Death Row in 1983.

Waters' sister, portrayed in the film by Swank, returned to school and qualified as a lawyer in a bid to prove her brother was innocent - and she helped to secure his freedom after 18 years when DNA evidence linking him to the killing was disproved.

But the Brow family is upset Swank, who also produced the picture, failed to get in touch with them to get their side of the story before taking the project to Hollywood.

Top celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred has taken on the victim's daughter, Melrose Alicia Brow, as a client and is exploring her legal options as the film opens across the country this week.

And Allred has given Swank one more opportunity to explain her actions by sending a letter to the star requesting a face-to-face meeting with the Brow family.

In the note, Allred writes, "Her mother was the innocent victim of a horrible crime. Because of her murder her whole family, especially her brother Charlie, their children and Melrose have suffered an indescribable lifetime of loss.

"She is angry and disappointed that, in the making of the film, neither you nor anyone else connected to the film ever contacted her to see how she would feel about the fact that her mother's murder is the basis for events which transpired as a result of her tragedy.

"We would like to have a meeting with you and others from the film, so that she can obtain answers to her many questions and share the pain she feels because of her mother's murder and the fact that she has been ignored and never contacted about the making of this film.

"It is not too late to meet with her to show them the compassion that we think all family members of a murder victim deserve."






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