Two weeks ago Justin Bieber was spotted partying in a Texas strip club, making it rain and grabbing dancers' backsides. The pop singer took things to a whole new level over the weekend though. Friday night the singer was spotted leaving the Centauros brothel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and two women from the place (hookers?) were brought back to his hotel separately. The singer was covered with a sheet while leaving the club, but the tattoos on his left arm were a clear giveaway. (story...)

Is Miley Cyrus rebounding with Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden? The two were spotted hanging out together at a Halloween party and getting really close -- reportedly kissing each other. They were spotted in a car with some friends afterward and miley was holding an open bottle of what looked like Malibu rum. Everyone's freaking out because she's only 20, but she'll be 21 in less than three weeks, so expect to see more of this. (story...)

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Lifetime series "The Client List" has been cancelled. Producers reportedly couldn't come to terms with the star over the direction of the show and decided to pull the plug. She wanted her fiance Brian Hallisay, who also stars on the show, written into a bigger role on the show. She also wanted her pregancy added to the story. (story...)

Unsurprisingly, "Enders Game" has topped the weekend box office. The Sci-Fi flick about a boy who's trained to be a military leader against a hostile alien race pulled in $28 million in its opening weekend. Johnny Knoxville's "Bad Grandpa" held strong at #2, taking in another 20 mil. (story...)

Kendall Jenner turned 18 on Sunday and the aspiring model has already been offered a lot of money to star in an adult film. One company even offered her $1.8 million and gave her numerous options, including choosing who she wants to star with. But just because half-sister Kim Kardashian kicked off her career with a sex tape doesn't mean Kendall wants to take that path. In fact, she's doing just fine with her modeling career and is probably headed for Victoria's Secret in the not too distant future. (story...)

Lindsay Lohan hosted a Halloween party Thursday night at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino on Connecticut, but she showed up nearly two hours late for the gig, skipping the red carpet and avoiding fans. The casino now wants some of the $50,000 that it paid her back. Will she ever learn? (story...)