Considering it was the second-to-last episode of the season, last night’s episode of Homeland (“The Motherfucker with a Turban”) was barely enough to get viewers’ blood pumping let alone get them excited for the season finale next Sunday. More of a “filler” episode than anything else, “Turban” felt like a midseason brush off with little real suspense or drama. On a side note, last night’s episode of Dexter was incredible and is exactly how Homeland should have done it. 

The opening scene was possibly the biggest let down of the night. Last week’s episode ended with Carrie walking into a pitch black corridor searching for Abu Nazir. Picking up at that exact moment, last night we saw Carrie walking into a pitch black corridor and…into more darkness. Nothing! You can’t have a cliffhanger like that one week and no follow up whatsoever. Carrie is sure she is on Nazir’s heels when she pushes through an exit and is bombarded with bright lights and yelling. The CIA tactical team is ready to storm the plant where Carrie was being held, but Carrie isn’t sure how Nazir escaped. Was she hallucinating or delusional? 

Quinn is on the scene and tells Carrie that they will search the entire area from top to bottom. Carrie, despite being awake for a day and a half, sticks around for confirmation. He isn’t there. Also not present is Saul. He is being interrogated back at CIA headquarters at the behest of David Estes. Saul is questioned about his past, including whether he provided the weapon for Aileen Morgan to kill herself. Aileen, you may remember, was the terrorist suspect from Season One who re-appeared a few episodes ago in a maximum security prison. Saul leaves her alone in an interrogation room and she cuts her throat with a shard of glass from his reading glasses. So, yes, Saul did provide the weapon. Is he guilty of anything, though? He is confident Estes has cooked up this questioning session to keep him in check because he knows Estes plans to assassinate Brody after Nazir is captured. 

Ah, yes. Brody. Well, last week we saw Brody kill Vice President Walden in an effort to save Carrie’s life. Now that Walden is dead and Carrie is safe, he seems to be even more removed than ever from his family. Jessica knows that he has been continuing his relationship with Carrie and even Chris and Dana know something is going on. Dana even lets is slip that she would prefer Mike as their dad since Brody is so untrustworthy and absent. 

Carrie has her own troubles, too. Even though Estes doesn’t want her talking to Roya Hammad, she sneaks in and attempts to withdraw information about where Nazir is hiding. Roya refuses to break, but she does slip up. She says Nazir would “never run” (in Farsi) which Carrie takes literally, meaning Nazir is still hiding somewhere in the giant warehouse where he held her. She races back to the scene and orders the SWAT team to search the tunnels one more time. A young team member stays back with Carrie who discovers a secret passage where, lo and behold, they discover that someone has been camping out. Nazir appears, kills the young team member and chases Carrie through the tunnels. The rest of the SWAT team appears just in time to surround Nazir and shoot him down. 

With Nazir dead, Carrie doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself since she’s been hunting him for so long. Brody and his family are allowed to return to their home, though he and Jessica pretty much agree that they need a divorce. Saul is fired by Estes based on the report of his interrogation. And Quinn is supposed to be in place to kill Brody, though the episode ends before this happens.